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Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not exciting, let’s face it. When you need one, you look online, visit lighting shops, etc., all to have an ‘eh’ response to the semi-suitable ones. They aren’t something that makes your heart beat faster, so it’s more of a ‘which-one-will-blend-in’ decision and ‘which-one-is-within-our-budget’, of course. Being in the position of needing to replace two of our ceiling fans, I found myself asking those two questions this past weekend. Not surprisingly, my choices were whittled down to a few from the Modern Fan Company. The fans are simple enough with modern lines and prices are around the $300 to $400 mark (the previous ~$200 fans crapped out, so decision was made to spend a bit more). Just in case you find yourself in a similar situation, here’s a few that look decent:

Pensi Fan
Pensi Ceiling Fan, $352.00

Cirrus Hugger
Cirrus Hugger Ceiling Fan, $336.00
(Ultimately, this is the fan I decided upon, due to its 13″ overall height.)

Cirrus Reg
Cirrus Ceiling Fan, $336.00

Plum Fan
Plum Ceiling Fan, $256.00

Velo Hugger
Velo Hugger Ceiling Fan, $352.00

Available from YLighting, 300-400.

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