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Ikea MUSMIG oven

Ikea MUSMIG oven

Despite our occasional visits to Ikea, I have not yet stumbled upon their appliances. But the good folks over at
GrassrootsModern posted this oven, and it looks like an excellent choice for anyone on a budget.

“True convection oven.
Pizza baking.
Convection oven function.
Convection broil.
High and low broil.
Fan defrost.
Thermal oven function.
Continuous cleaning.
Tilting grill.
If the food is not quite done after the set program time, the cooking time is easy to prolong without resetting the oven.
Capacity: 3.1 cu.ft.
1 grid included.
1 fat pan included.
1 enamelled baking sheet included.”

Width: 23 3/8 “
Depth: 22 1/4 “
Height: 23 3/8 “


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