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Emtek Door Hardware

Emtek Door Hardware

The front door is your home’s main focal point, so it of course makes sense to keep it looking presentable. My own front door was looking pretty sad after ten years of not-so-gentle use, with chips in the paint, battered hardware and a pretty rough looking dent around the knob (not sure how it happened, it almost looked like someone took a battering ram to it), so it was past time to give it a facelift.

After scouring many shops online, I settled on this door hardware set by Emtek. It has a satisfying heft, and obviously, is super modern. After sanding down my door, filling the dent with Bondo (several times), more sanding, priming, and painting, here’s the finished product:

Notice anything wonky? I put the deadbolt upside down, so I need to reinstall it before I get used to locking it the current way.

Emtek Modern Round Keyed Entrance Knob, $149.10 ($126.73 with discount)
Emtek Square Style Single Cylinder Deadbolt, $50.40 ($42.84 with discount)

Available from, 50.40 and up.

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