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Color Feature Walls

Color Feature Walls

Just when you thought you were over feature walls, a few photos pop up that have you itching to pick up a paintbrush. Here are just a few images that show how color on just one wall (or in a closet) can add depth and interest to a room; maybe have a think about if your home would benefit from a little color jab somewhere?

The residence of Patrick Theis and Soraya Khan has both a pink and blue accent wall. Also, their kitchen has orange upper cabinets (not shown here).

Left: This black band centered on the wall above the bed guides your eye and makes the room feel a little cozier- no need for a canopy. Found via tumblr (if you know the image credit, please let us know).

Right: A black accent wall makes a great background for artwork, as proven here. Found via tumblr (if you know the image credit, please let us know).

Not for the faint of heart, this project features a bright orange loft space that directly contrasts with the natural wood and white finish of the interior. Found via ikebaha (can’t put my finger on the project’s name though, help me out here if you know it.)

Home of designer Jean-Christophe Aumas.

Left: For this Washington Street Residence (by envelope A+D), pops of color are found behind closed doors. The main living areas are white for art display.

Right: This primarily white Apartment in Carcavelos has black accents scattered throughout in the form of walls, bookcases, and, in this case, a short hallway.

Most images found via tumblr, fyi.


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