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In Eric Rasmussen’s home, the material Skatelite was used in several areas, which got me thinking about cost and availability. If you search for it online, you get a myriad of skateboard ramp suppliers, but as far as getting your builder to install it as a exterial cladding/countertop/flooring/screen (some of which are shown above), I’d recommend some further research.

Skatelite is made of plastic-impregnated wood fiber. During its manufacture, the contents are heated hotter than the seven hills of hell, at which point the wood and plastic molecules flow together. Once cooled, they form a super-strong sheet material perfect for ramp surfaces. Available in two types, Skatelite Pro costs about 150 dollars per sheet, and regular Skatelite retails at 95 dollars per sheet. The former is used for pizza trays, and the latter is what you’ll find on most skateboard ramps. –

Skatelite Pro is an eco-friendly material made primarily of paper from certified managed forests in the U.S. Between 98-99.3% of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) involved in the Skatelite manufacturing process are captured and destroyed. –Skatelite

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To inquire on further pricing/availability: Buy it here.


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