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Neoshed- Type 02

Neoshed- Type 02

I think we’ve all seen the random ‘shed’ offering us extra space without the lengthy time or hefty price that a room addition to the home has, yet this one has some extra styling which does make it seem less like a shed and more like a guest house. Extra points for that.
“Inspired by the mid century moderns by Joseph Eichler. Measuring 14′ x 12′ overall, it’s ideally suited as a home ofice or studio. Price includes delivery and setup. Standard features: SIP’s panel construction, Cementitious board cladding, Flat membrane roof, Interior walls white painted OSB, Cork flooring. Options: Timber deck, 16’x14′ overall size, custom cladding paint color. Notes: Deck shown not included, Electrical and site work not included. *You should check with your local permits office before ordering.”

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