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Bazel Chapel House

Bazel Chapel House

Perusing OWI this morning, I came across this Chapel House in the Flemish village of Bazel. While the chapel windows and lofty ceilings definitely induce envy, the mix of soft muted colors and occasional odd material makes for an inspiring interior. Perhaps with the right paint color in a strategic spot and the addition of a few antiques or collectibles, you can steal a little bit of the look for your own home. Also, take a look at their use of chicken wire, or at least that’s what it looks like… photos below.

Photos: Verne

Bazel Chapel Loft 4
Bazel Chapel Loft 2
Bazel Chapel Loft 3
That is chicken wire used on the staircase, right??

Bazel Chapel Loft

To see more, visit OWI.


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