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Ron BenShoshan’s DIY Faucet

As you know, we don’t often post pics of reader’s homes, but when Ron BenShoshan emailed us pictures of his apartment renovation I couldn’t help but notice the faucet/towel rack in his bathroom. Turns out, he made it himself:

“I was looking for something minimal for my bathroom and wanted to combine 2 different but related uses. It’s a plain metal pipe used for plumbing. I’m an industrial design student so I have access to the workshop at school. All I did was bend the pipe to the angle I needed, weld 2 shorter pipes to connect to the wall (only the one on the right is connected to water), put a short tube inside that controls the direction of the water flow so that it doesn’t flow the left side of the pipe, chrome it and fabricate to small housing units out of corian that hide the connections to the wall. Not more than 2 working days!”

Impressive, yes? More images and links to his Flickr pics below.

Flemish Farmhouse Kitchen

Just saw this impressive sliding door/wall over on Dwell. The Belgian architects 51N4E choose 5mm-thick white marble mounted on a 20mm honeycomb structure for the sliding door that separates the kitchen and adjacent storage space. The wall appears either opaque or translucent depending on time of day and amount of light.

More pictures below.

Source: Dwell

Bazel Chapel House

Perusing OWI this morning, I came across this Chapel House in the Flemish village of Bazel. While the chapel windows and lofty ceilings definitely induce envy, the mix of soft muted colors and occasional odd material makes for an inspiring interior. Perhaps with the right paint color in a strategic spot and the addition of a few antiques or collectibles, you can steal a little bit of the look for your own home. Also, take a look at their use of chicken wire, or at least that’s what it looks like… photos below.

Photos: Verne


More information:

View Bazel Chapel House here

Seamless Sinks

You know that grime around the sink drain and/or disposal that you have to scrub at whenever it gets gross? This sink does away with all that by having no seams whatsoever. Instead, the strainer basket seals both the drain and disposer sides of a sink, allowing for a clean and sanitary sink bottom. Plus, it looks like the sink is a snap to install because of a simple universal mounting system.

Prices start around $295 for a small bar sink and go up to around $700-$800 for a larger kitchen sink.

(via kbculture)

Purchase Information:

No longer available.
Originally available from kbculture

Source: kbculture

Jörg Ebers Townhouse

Another interior I bookmarked over on tumblr was this townhouse by Jörg Ebers of Ebers Architekten. It’s pretty fabulous with all sorts of surprising colors carefully applied to certain areas; my favorites are the full-on color tile bathrooms.

To see the complete story and slideshow, visit

Pool House Backsplash

I usually use our tumblr account to bookmark interior images, and because we’ve been crazy busy with the site remodel, I’ve been a bit remiss about occasionally posting some of the ones that stand out the most. Today I finally got a chance to go through some of my rss feeds, and found this image over at kbculture. I think it’s a pretty perfect example of how minimal design can have interest and warmth with the right use of materials- in this case, with the green glass backsplash and the wood accents. To see more, take a look at the Pool House via Retrouvious.

Source: kbculture

Appartement 50 installation

Just ran across this space by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec over on Daily Icon. A few Bouroullec objects are scattered throughout the apartment, of course, but especially interesting is the use of color in certain areas. While certainly the apartment has a simple and restrained feel, the color used in a few niches, walls and doors provides a focused ‘fun’ aspect that balances out the otherwise austere palette. More pictures below.


Salvaged Staircase

Jan Korbes’s Garbage Architecture used the remnants of the antique floor and construction wood from the Schloss Wiesenburg to create this impressive staircase. Designed in the ‘shape of add-on boxes supporting itself as a constructed, empty beam’, it has the lightness of a floating staircase with the texture and history of the castle itself.

Built in cooperation with Judith van der Meer.

More information:

View Salvaged Staircase here

Source: treehugger

Lyndsay and Fitzhugh’s Brooklyn Home

Lovely, isn’t it? Kudos to Lyndsay and Fitzhugh for making such a light and bright space. If you’ve got the time, take a look at their home through Todd Selby’s lens. There’s some great shots of vignettes and such.

design in a bag

Overwhelmed by where to start on your kitchen or bath remodel? Design in a bag has various bags or ‘recipes’ of color and material groupings along with price and resource listings that takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Purchase Information:

Price: $69.00
Availability: Buy design in a bag here

Newsworthy Recycled Wallpaper

Newsprint strips are handwoven on a loom and backed with paper to create these eco-friendly wall coverings. Definitely a clever use of recycled materials. I think what really makes it is the use of larger strips of paper which reveal hints of the paper’s former life, and of course, the colors! Available through many retailers, find your nearest one at Weitzner’s official website.


Inspiration: Fitzroy Apartment

It’s not often that you see green done well as an overall color theme, but this room styled by Simon Carver has me hooked. The softness of hue is complemented by the black/white/natural accents and would be an excellent choice for a bedroom, as it seems to absorb just the right amount of light.

Michelle de la Vega’s Garage Home

Eskayel Wallpaper

Somehow I missed Eskayel’s initial appearance last year, but I’m sure glad I ran across their collection yesterday. It’s absolutely lovely. Images are taken from original paintings by artist Shanan Campanaro, which are then flipped and mirrored (a.k.a. ‘kaleidoscoped’) to create the wallpaper design. Rolls aren’t cheap, of course, but what do you expect of something so beautiful?

There’s a wide selection of designs to choose from, and custom orders are also accepted. If you’re not needing wallpaper, you might want to take a look at the pillows too, as they’re a much more affordable option. Also, DailyCandy has a quick video interview with Shanan Campanaro, if you’re interested.

More information:

View Eskayel Wallpaper here

Scenography Apartment

A change in color is part of what keeps things fresh. It’s a technique that designers in most fields use (you’ll see it at work everywhere from The Gap to IKEA) and it was the idea behind the color-changing lights in AA Studio’s Scenography Apartment. AA Studio is known for their contemporary, thought-out, and constructed interiors and the color-changing lights help to continually re-invent and re-define what could be an otherwise stark space.

Continue reading for shots of the apartment in its technicolor glory and for shots from IKEA’s new color campaign, because it’s so cool and makes so much sense.

Source: Yatzer