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Neoporte Doors

Neoporte is the industry standard for great modern doors.

Not only are they amazing to look at, but they’re also green.

“All Neoporte doors are made from 100% stainless steel, a durable, recyclable
material that lasts a lifetime without the need for toxic refinishing.”

More information:

View Neoporte Doors here

Welter Wall

This wall/door solution is perfect for large, open living spaces where you may need to periodically add some soundproofing or privacy.

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C3 Cabin

This little cabin seems anything but small. Sleeping lofts are, of course, necessary in maintaining a small footprint, and this particular plan utilizes the space wonderfully. If you’re interested, the plans are available to purchase.

“The C3 cabin was born out of a desire to reduce and to simplify. Whereas the footprint may be small this cabin lives large. With only 352 square feet on the main floor and 128 square feet in the loft, it encompasses all the domestic requirements of structures many times larger. The design of this cabin is premised on three goals. First, to provide the required spaces for an extended stay cabin within a minimal footprint. Second, provide a quality of space and abundant natural daylight typically not found in this size of structure. And third, to allow for simplicity of construction and maintenance.”

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Drew Heath Architects

Here’s a handful of pictures that might inspire your next remodel or building. I’m currently reading
Little House on a Small Planet by Shay Salomon, and it’s made me rethink small spaces- which is why the
Zig Zag Cabin (upper left) seems especially intriguing.

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Ikea MUSMIG oven

Despite our occasional visits to Ikea, I have not yet stumbled upon their appliances. But the good folks over at
GrassrootsModern posted this oven, and it looks like an excellent choice for anyone on a budget.

“True convection oven.
Pizza baking.
Convection oven function.
Convection broil.
High and low broil.
Fan defrost.
Thermal oven function.
Continuous cleaning.
Tilting grill.
If the food is not quite done after the set program time, the cooking time is easy to prolong without resetting the oven.
Capacity: 3.1 cu.ft.
1 grid included.
1 fat pan included.
1 enamelled baking sheet included.”

Width: 23 3/8 “
Depth: 22 1/4 “
Height: 23 3/8 “

Purchase Information:

Price: $699
Availability: Buy Ikea MUSMIG oven here

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Large Black Zen Granite Sink

I love the rough edge next to the super polished surface of the basin. Definitely has a meditative feel about it…

“The polished granite interior will hold its luster — and the rough hewn cut edges are perfect for any modern zen look.”

Hewn-cut Shanxi black granite
L: 21″, W: 17″, H: 4″

Purchase Information:

Price: $649
Availability: Buy Large Black Zen Granite Sink here

Doorbell ‘Bottoms Up’ by Peter van der Jagt

This might be my favorite thing ever in the entire world, or at least close to it.

“What we know as a doorbell is a square box that strangely enough says nothing about what a doorbell really is: an appliance consisting of an electromagnet, a hammer and two sound sources. In this design by Peter van der Jagt, crystal glasses make a crystal clear sound, announcing guests with a musical toast.”

9.8″ x 3.5″ x 9.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $235.00
Availability: Buy Doorbell ‘Bottoms Up’ by Peter van der Jagt here

Cordless Doorbell Jacob Jensen

Danish designer Jacob Jensen’s cordless doorbell features five different polyphonic tunes. It features a LED that indicates both ring and low battery level. Protected from the interference of other cordless products.

Purchase Information:

Price: $145.00
Availability: Buy Cordless Doorbell Jacob Jensen here

Modern Shed

Modern shed out of Seattle sells these great modern one room studios that can be built in a weekend.

Purchase Information:

Price: $7,800
Availability: Buy Modern Shed here

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Pantone Paint

If you’ve ever wished you could paint your walls a Pantone color, now’s your pricy chance. Pantone just released a line of paint through Fine Paints of Europe.

Purchase Information:

Price: $165
Availability: Buy Pantone Paint here

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Spoon Bathtub with tap pillar

This is not cheap. But sometimes it’s nice to see how much things cost without having to call an interior designer.

Exmar material, composite of resin and quartz powder

The Spoon is available with or without the hardware tower and also in a “sand” color. Contact the store for more information, pricing and shipping details. 1-866-888-6677. Allow 16 weeks for delivery. Please note pricing below does not include tap or faucet.

72.75″ long 39.75″ wide 53 gallon capacity 352 lbs.

Purchase Information:

Price: $11,305.00
Availability: Buy Spoon Bathtub with tap pillar here

Haiku Platter

Since this platter is hand wash only, I think it would be best suited in the bath for corralling countertop items so they look like one cohesive unit instead of a mish-mash of bottles and ointments. gross.

• Underpainted design
• Beveled rims
• Glass
• Hand wash

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.95
Availability: Buy Haiku Platter here

Bathroom Mat

It’s not often that a bath mat ellicits suprise and delight, yet I think I felt both when seeing this one…it’s anti-slip (of course), looks cool and allegedly provides your feet with a nice little massage action.

Available in white or blue.

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.00
Availability: Buy Bathroom Mat here

Acacia Wood Bath Accessories

I especially like the tray. It’s a good way of making all your bath accessories look organized.

“Cross at the corner. The warm grain of natural acacia wood for the bath, handcrafted with jigsaw puzzle details. Like interlocking corner joinery secured with wood pegs and floating slat tray bottoms. Fine 8″ sawtooth dovetail joinery randomly occurs on side panels to unite light and dark walnut tones. This level of craftsmanship could easily be triple the price. Big plus: eco-friendly acacia hardwood is H20-resistant.”

• Corner peg construction detail
• Acacia wood with walnut finish
• Wipe with damp cloth.

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.95
Availability: Buy Acacia Wood Bath Accessories here

Green in Medusa

For anyone interested in green home building, there’s a couple documenting the construction of their home in the form of a blog called ‘Green In Medusa’. You can share your own experience or take notes if you’re planning a similar project.

“[The] blog is a joint effort of owners Baldomero and Stephenie Fernandez and architect Lynn Gaffney to document the design and construction process of an affordable green house in upstate New York. The aim is a transparent sharing of the triumphs and mishaps so that sustainable design becomes approachable for everyone.”

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