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Articles Written by Kris


About Kris: Kris has taught architectural drafting, auto-cad for interiors and kitchen and bath design at the college level. Her interests are focused in design resulting in reduction of cost, space and environmental impact. Kris works full time in a technical field and is currently fixing up a 100 year old house in the sleepy Los Angeles neighborhood of Atwater Village. (View Profile)


Flip and Tumble Tote Bag

This sturdy bag is made entirely from 100% recycled-plastic bottles. I keep it in my daily commuting bag and it’s great for unexpected trips to the market. Folds flat, and when open measures 12.5″ wide, 15″ tall, with a 4.5″ gusset and features a flat plastic bottom.

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.00
Available from: Flip and Tumble


Vessyl is a cup that can detect and keep track of just about everything you drink throughout the day. It’s able to detect the nutritional content (and even in some cases, brand) of beverages you drink from the cup, all the while keeping track of your hydration and consumed calories, sugar, protein, fat and caffeine.

Early bird pricing 50% off.

Syncs with iPhone.
Designed by Yves Behar.

Purchase Information:

Price: $99 now, $199 after launch
Available from: Vessyl

Stacked Shelving from Muuto

If you need easy, configurable shelving, look no further than the Stacked Shelving from Muuto. Natural wood and white boxes form building blocks to let you create the exact size and shape that you want, making them a great storage option for your own home- living, office, or bedroom. Have fun with randomly stacking the three sizes available, and don’t forget to take advantage of negative spaces to increase storage capacity.

Purchase Information:

Price: $139.00 - 239.00 per piece
Available from: DWR

Matt Felten Gift Ideas 2013

We asked Matt Felten, Los Angeles-based UI Designer and all around swell guy, to submit some of the things he’s excited about this year. Thanks Matt for taking the time to share your list!


Have you ever wished that instead of having to carry multiple credit cards, you only had to carry one? Enter Coin.

Coin works with your debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards. Instead of carrying several cards you carry one Coin. Multiple accounts and information all in one place.

Coin also has a handy reminder notification from your phone so you get a push notification when you get too far from your card.

Pre order now for a 50% discount and pay only $50.00.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Available from: Only Coin

65 hours left: Canary Security Device

The Canary device just became the most successful Indiegogo campaign in history, surpassing it’s original goal of $100,000 almost 17 times to $1.67 million dollars. There are still 65 hours left on the campaign, so if you want to get it at a discount, now’s your chance!

Because the campaign has done so well, the designers have been able to provide additional features, such as an ethernet port and adaptive video quality in the app.

In case you missed it the first time, check it out!

The Canary contains an HD video camera with multiple sensors that track just about everything- motion, temperature, air quality, vibration, sound, and activity.

Maybe there’s a sudden temperature change (could be a fire) or maybe there’s enough sound and movement that indicates a possible burglary… when anything is out of the ordinary, the Canary will send an alert to your iPhone or android device, giving you options to instantly respond and keep your home safe.

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Available from: indiegogo

Erich Ginder Gift Ideas 2012

Seattle designer Erich Ginder is one of my favorite contemporary designers, and also happens to be one of my favorite people to talk to about design. He’s known for his Ghost series coat racks (Ghost Antlers and Ghost Tree) and his Warez Rose wallpaper and Dot/Dash pendant lamps. Here’s a look into his holiday gift list:

1. Dezeen Book of Ideas, $28.00

2. Pewter Oil Lamps, $198

3. Magnifying Glass by Maison Martin Marigela, $95

4. Fredricks & Mae Brush Cone, $42

5. Kuvert Bckpack by Stephan Diez

Erich Ginder Gift Ideas

6. Extra Long iPhone Cord, $4 on Amazon

7. Deb Baxter Crystal Bomb, $330

8. El Mil Del Poaig Olive Oil, $153

9. Clear Creek McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey, $50

10. Like a Valentine: The Art of Jeffry Mitchell, $50

Thanks Erich!

Lindsay Pulsipher Gift Ideas 2012

Lindsay Pulsipher is known for her roles as Roseanna McCoy on the History Channel’s mini-series, Hatfields & McCoys, and as Crystal Norris on HBO’s True Blood. She also has the lesser known role as being one of my BFFs and nicest person ever. She sat down with us to give us her holiday wish list.

Jonathan LaCour Gift Ideas 2012

Take a sneak peek into the Holiday wish list of Jonathan LaCour, foodie, computer programmer, design lover, VP of Engineering and Product at DreamHost, and my boss!

1. Art Deco, Geometric, Nature Inspired Art Prints from Jane Rovers. $32.00.

2. David Weeks Cubebot, starting at $25.00.

3. Art from Michael Cina. I especially love the Biolumin series.

Jonathan Lacour 2

4. Classic Safety Razor Set
Shave like John Wayne and Steve McQueen, or don’t shave at all. $240.00.

5. Hardcover Solid case for iPad Mini from DODOcase. $40.00. Totally gifting myself a gray one of these, if my iPad Mini christmas wish comes true (hint to my wife).

6. Titanium and wood rings from Jewelry by Johan. $236.00.

7. Ontario sustainable wood sunglasses from Proof. Starting at $90.00.

8. Lazerwood Keys for Apple Laptops. $45.00.

Jonathan Lacour 3

9. Japanese cast iron skillet
Old southern cooking meets sexy minimalist japanese design. Does it get any better? Just add bacon. 5,250円

10. Whiskey Lover’s Tumblers and Whiskey Stones
Have a question? Whiskey is probably the answer. $62.00.

11. Salt Traders Gift Crate
Pack of three gourmet salts in a variety of flavors, for the foodie in your life. $30.00.

12. Modernist Cuisine at Home
The cookbook of the century now comes in an affordable home edition. $105.00.

Duane King Gift Ideas 2012

Duane King, creative director of Huge/KingCoyle and founder of Thinking for a Living, was kind enough to submit his wish list for our annual gift guide series.

Duane was also named one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Influential Designers in America.

1. Chup Sedona Sock in Charcoal

2. Hard Graft Flat Pack

3. Norse Projects × Hestra Ivar Glove

4. No.1 by Form Us With Love

5. Areaware Animal Boxes by Karl Zahn

Duane King Gift Ideas 2012

6. Outlier Slim Dungarees

7. D.S. & Durga Burning Barbershop

8. The Hill-Side Selvedge Thin Stripe Chambray Scarf

9. Apolis + Matteo Linen Pocket Square

10. Makr Scout Field Bed

Duane King Gift Ideas 2012

11. Good Worth & Co. Best Wishes Key

12. Naked & Famous Slim Shirt Polka Dots Blue Base

13. Old Faithful Shop Brass Cage Lamp

14. Blu Dot Copper Real Good Chair

15. Reigning Champ Crew Neck in Alpine Black

Thanks Duane!

Kris Bernard Gift Ideas 2012

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas this year. Some are on my wish list and some are gifts I’d get for some my favorite people.

1. Personalized Nude iPad Case, $139.00. Can be personalized with initials.

2. Tall porcelain jar, $35.00. Part of my dream dish ware set. (See #14 below)

3. Geometry Earrings, $168.00.

4. Wolf print, $40.00, by the insanely talented painter Corbett Sparks.

5. Faribault Virgin Wool Lodge Blanket, $134.00.

Kris Bernard Gift Ideas 2012

6. Stone Grey Watch, $195.00.

7. Lines Print, $25.00.

8. Thermos 16-Ounce Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler, $25.00. It seems impersonal, but this travel mug keeps drinks piping hot for 9 hours and would be perfect for your favorite commuter.

9. Shield Embossed Wallet by Comme Des Garcons, $200.00.

10. Waxed Canvas Pouch, $29.00

Kris Bernard Gift Ideas 2012

11. Tulum Black & White Wave Pouch, $65.00. I love the florescent pink zipper detail on this graphic black and white cotton pouch.

12. Labyrinth Cashmere Scarf by Yarnz, $205.00.

13. Geometric Magnets, $20.00.

14. Modern Place Setting for one, $200.00.

Friday Links

Holy what the what? Domino Magazine is planning a comeback? This is the best news ever.

Cool new address book for Mac: Cobook

A good reminder. For the love of all that is holy…don’t send novels over the Internets.

Craziness. Turn a Dropbox folder into a Blog.

Bon Marche Pencil Bag

I’m loving this colorful striped, zippered pencil/make up bag. The lines make it slightly architectural and the colors are perfect for spring, which is right around the corner.

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.00
Available from: Bon Marche

Thermostatic Freestanding Shower

I’m in the midst of remodeling a 100 year old craftsman home, which means I’m pouring through several hundred design retailers in search of craftsman appropriate fixtures. Which also means I find fixtures that I love but are definitely not craftsman appropriate. This makes me cry a little inside. Here’s a modern fixture that I would love to put in a home one day. It won’t be this current one…but hopefully I’ll be living in an anthracite box where this freestanding shower would fit perfectly.


Purchase Information:

Price: $749.00
Available from: Signature Hardware

Beautiful Evidence by Edward Tufte

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Edward Tufte speak at a one day course in Los Angeles. Heralded by The New York Times as “the Leonardo da Vinci of data,” Tufte is an innovator in information design and data visualization, specializing in transparency and clarity. The emphasis is on disseminating unbiased, accurate content to your audience and to do whatever it takes to do so.

Beautiful Evidence is one of four books that is handed out at the course, each book is beautiful, with charts and diagrams that had all the design nerds salivating. I recommend all of them. The other books are “The Visual Display of Quantitive Information”, “Envisioning Information” and “Visual Explanations” and can be found here or at Amazon.


Purchase Information:

Price: $39.00
Available from: Amazon