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Geobed by Tuft + Paw

While your cat may be happy with a cardboard box, chances are you’d like something a bit more dignified. The Geobed is a fun piece for your furry friend; it’s easy to assemble and comes with a natural sheepskin for comfort. You’ll also want to consider the Anello Cat Bed, pictured below, and the Cube, which we have posted before.

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Available from: Tuft + Paw

Cube Cat House

Would your feline friend like a new place to curl up and rest? The Cube Cat House might just work well with your home’s interior, as it’s composed of a handwoven fiberglass cocoon nested inside a clean graphic frame. The cocoon acts as a bed and a scratching tool, so you’re already a step ahead on minimizing the kitty paraphernalia. Now, if someone would just figure out a better option for housing litter…

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Available from: Luminaire

Kitty Kasa

Your little feline friend could use some new hideouts, and this Kitty Kasa Collection from ArniSays won’t burn your retinas like the other offerings at the pet store. And, as if your cat’s happiness isn’t enough reward, when you buy one of the Kasa items, you’re also saving the life of a shelter cat, as all profits go directly to the ARNI foundation, a 501(C)3, non-profit, no-kill, animal shelter located in Daytona Beach, Florida.


Purchase Information:

Price: $49.99 each
Available from: ArniSays


If a regular sit-on-the-floor steel bowl for your furry friend just won’t work with your décor, you might be a little too concerned with details. That said, hello, nice to meet you, please sit down and join the club; your design obsessive tendencies are welcomed here. The Y.bowl from Doca Pet (literally) elevates the common steel bowl to a considered receptacle for your pets, and with different sizes and heights, you’re able to pick the perfect size. There’s also a fair bit of other similarly modern designs, Squaremeal being my second favorite.

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00+
Available from: Doca Pet

The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Leash

And you thought an illuminated collar was cool. With this Pup Crawl Lights-Up Dog Leash you can make sure your dog stays visible to cars and bikers on the road. The LED lights can be seen from both sides and it’s made from reinforced nylon (appropriate for dogs up to 60 lbs.). With every sale, $3 goes directly to a partner animal organization. See below for more on The Pup Crawl’s misson.

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Available from: The Pup Crawl

Dogface by DocaPet

This peanut butter scented soldier will no doubt cast a smile on your face each time your dog attempts to tear him in two. Cute. Made from natural (and durable) rubber.

Size: 4″ x 7″

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.50
Available from: GSelect

Native American Teepee

You just know your kitty cat(s) will love this recycled cardboard tipi, not because it’s recycled, but because it’s cardboard. (The teepee is much better to have around than a regular ol’ box, isn’t it?)


Purchase Information:

Price: $24.00
Available from: Loyal Luxe

Nap and Pounce by Everyday Studio

If you’re looking for an alternative to those horrid carpet covered scratching posts for your feline friend, please consider snapping up these corrugated cardboard pieces by Everyday Studio… plus, they’re on sale, which always helps.

Nap Scratching Object (right), $75.00 $48.75
Pounce Scratching Object (left), $155.00 $100.75

Purchase Information:

Price: $48.75
Available from: emmo home

Cat Cabin

There’s some seriously cute kittens that’ll sell this cabin over at Loyal Luxe, so beware. This little cabin is made of one flat, foldable piece of corrugated cardboard and requires no glue or tools to put it together.

Design by Loyal Luxe

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Available from: suckUK

Chaffinch House

Consider this a designer birdhouse. Made almost completely of plexiglass and assembled without glue, it’s the sort of cage you won’t mind looking at. Pricing starts at 160 €; email designer to order.

Designer: Vadim Kibardin
Material: plexiglas. wooden sticks
Big: D 400 mm x H 700mm
Small: D 400 mm x H 420mm

Purchase Information:

Price: €160,00
Available from: Kibardindesign

Wild Rock Dog Bowl by Brandon Warren

I like dogs, designer or otherwise. They’re not allowed to sleep on the bed, but I’ll still lavish them with all the other fineries befitting of man’s best friend, like a Gaia & Gino titanium-coated dog bowl.

Designer: Brandon Warren
Small: 3 x 11 x 12 inches
Large: 4 x 13 x 14 inches
Porcelain (Silver version is titanium coated).

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Availability: Buy Wild Rock Dog Bowl by Brandon Warren here

FOUND Rope Leashes

I’m getting one of these asap and you should too. Unless you don’t have a dog, of course… in which case you should think about getting one (unless you’re most decidedly not a dog person).

By using your FOUND collar and leash you are helping to raise public awareness of the urgent need for animal adoption. 25% of ALL our profits go directly to the Louis Animal Foundation, a unique non-profit group dedicated to spaying/neutering and providing homes for animals who have not yet ‘found’ their people. Our founder rescued Walter, one of her adopted pups, through the foundation and was inspired to donate a large portion of our profits to such an important organization.

FOUND Collar: $42.00-$50.00
FOUND Leash, natural or black rope: $56.00-$76.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $56.00
Availability: Buy FOUND Rope Leashes here


As a pet owner myself, I have to say this little pet carrier looks to have a handful of benefits over my existing plastic crates. It’s a bed that converts into a carrier, but it’s the extra accessories enabling travel ease that has me curious. I’d check it out if you’re not so happy with your current carrier.

Sleepypod allows pets to travel safely in the pampered comfort of their own bed made of luxurious ultra-plush and foam alleviating the stress associated with travel and confinement in hard, plastic boxes with limited visibility. Once your pet becomes accustomed to using the Sleepypod as a ultra comfortable bed, Sleepypod’s sturdy mesh top onto the luggage-grade ballistic nylon bed with machine washable liner and Fifi (or Fido) is ready to travel in their own bed. Straping the seat belt around the Sleepypod turns it into a car seat in seconds.

Sleepypod, $165.00
Sleepypod Mini, $149.50
Sleepypod Air, $149.99 (coming soon)

Purchase Information:

Price: $149.50 and up
Availability: Buy Sleepypod here

DenHaus Pet Furniture

Just how much would you pay to replace that unsightly pet crate or litter box? $400? $500?

ZenHaus, $525.00

  • Sleek and smooth design hugs your pet
  • Perfect for dogs or cats to sleep in or to hide a litter box
  • Well-ventilated environment
  • Handcrafted from fiberglass
  • TownHaus, $399.00

    • Solid wood furniture with a glossy finish.
    • Antique brass hardware
    • Well-ventilated environment
    • Perfect den for dogs or cats to sleep in or to hide a litter box

    [posted by katie]

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $579.00
    Available from: AllModern

    ModKat Litter Box

    Yes, $180.00 is a lot of money, but if you have a cat (or cats), you know a solution to the unsightly litter box is well worth a good stack of bills, even if they are twenties.

    Who says a litter box can’t embrace form as well as function, work with your décor and provide an unparalleled experience for your cat. Not us. The ModKat Litter Box is the answer. Its modern design compliments any room, while the enclosed base and “rooftop access” allows your cat the privacy needed to do his or her business.
    Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, from the non-skid feet that keeps Modkat put, to the locking rooftop that keeps nosey pets and curious kids at bay. An ergonomic scoop with incorporated brush stores neatly on the side and the reusable litter liner is friendly to your wallet and to the environment.

    Save $20 if you pre-order before June 14
    (Discount Code: modkat20).
    (Shipping late summer 2009)

    $180.00, Buy it here.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $180.00
    Availability: Buy ModKat Litter Box here