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Lotus Bud, Carp, and Bamboo Dog Toys

If you’re growing tired of rubber fire-hydrants and silly pet toys, then maybe your dog is too. Besides, everybody needs a little luck and harmony…

“Celebrate the Year of the Dog with the Lotus Bud, a symbol of harmony, purity, and continuity. Combined with the Lucky Carp, it symbolizes continuity of abundance.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.00
Availability: Buy Lotus Bud, Carp, and Bamboo Dog Toys here

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Otis and Claude Dwell Pethouse

Finally, a pet-house worthy of being in your own house. I’ve seen a few contenders but this one is simple enough without looking ostentatiously modern.

Note: There’s nothing wrong with things looking ostentatiously modern, but sometimes it’s difficult to pull off well.

Purchase Information:

Price: $150.00
Availability: Buy Otis and Claude Dwell Pethouse here

Cardboard Cat Cocoon

I was slightly alarmed when I first saw this, mainly because I had no clue to what it was, and maybe I’m still getting used to it, but I think I mostly like it. It’s certainly better than the pet-store alternative.

“…the rough exterior texture functions to sharpen claws or scratch away itches while the dark interior is a cat hideaway and storage spot. The 1- to 3.5″ peepholes provide provocative and interactive entertainment for both owners and animals.”

“Provocative.” Indeed.

Laser-cut cardboard.

Purchase Information:

Price: $298.00
Availability: Buy Cardboard Cat Cocoon here

Sak Pet Basket

Made of shockproof polystyrene, this little pet basket will have no trouble fitting into your modern home.

22.5″ dia. | 7.5″ h

Purchase Information:

Price: $250.00
Availability: Buy Sak Pet Basket here

Elizabeth Paige Smith Couchette

The perfect perch for your feline friend(s), primarily because it doesn’t scream “I am for a cat”. It can be turned on either side, depending on your pet’s preference (or yours I suppose) and is made of corrugated cardboard. There’s a few other nice designs as well- go check ’em out.

30 L 14 W 20 H

Purchase Information:

Price: $320.00
Availability: Buy Elizabeth Paige Smith Couchette here

Portable Dog Dish

Harriet Carter is notorious for selling some really terrible things that no one should ever buy, but I thought this portable dog dish deserved a mention. This would have come in handy the time I took my 100 lb. German Shepherd and my 60 lb. Dobermann for a walk on a hot day. On the way home, the German Shepherd simply refused to go any further and I ended up having to get all three of us a ride home. It was embarrassing. [Via Book of Joe.]

Purchase Information:

Price: $7.98
Availability: Buy Portable Dog Dish here

Cat Head Cat Bed

Update: The original website no longer offers the Whiskas Cat Bed, but we did find a UK retailer. Please let us know if there is US retailer and we’ll add a link in.

If you have a cat, you probably know that it will just about sleep anywhere unless you try to get it to sleep somewhere else. But if for some reason you have a cat that is particularly cooperative with your suggestions, look at this little cat bed. I’ve seen it on a few sites for as much as $150, but if you order directly from London you can get it for drastically less. Via Uncrate.

(Link and price updated March 09, 2011.)

This item is no longer available from the original retailer. 11/18/14

Purchase Information:

Price: £31.49
Available from: Pet Planet

Source: Uncrate.

mutt : dog dwelling

Nice modern design coupled with good, honest craftsmanship = MO (Modern Object). This incarnation is a doghouse made of either poplar for indoor use or Brazilian Cherry for outdoor use.

Custom sizing available for small (shown) and medium size dogs.

Purchase Information:

Price: $750.00
Availability: Buy mutt : dog dwelling here

Holden Pet Feeder

Bentwood dish-holder worthy of holding any furry companion’s food. The interior is made of hardwood veneer and the exterior is water-resistant laminate.
“Each layer is bonded together electronically in a high-pressure mold using water and temperature resistant resins.” So you know it’s built to last.

Purchase Information:

Price: $98-$215
Availability: Buy Holden Pet Feeder here

Cat Tree by susan Kralovec

Thank goodness. Such a nice alternative to the horrible (but necesssary) ones at the local pet store, don’t you agree? The outside frame part is steel, while the carboard part fits snugly inside and can be changed out as needed.

Purchase Information:

Price: $70.00
Availability: Buy Cat Tree by susan Kralovec here