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The Tea Stick

The Tea Stick

I first read about this last year in METROPOLIS magazine, and knew it would be the perfect holiday gift for my good friend who drinks loose tea quite often. A few weeks into the new year, my friend confided that it was their favorite gift and that they use it everyday! For under $25, I don’t think you could go wrong if you have any tea drinkers on your gift list.

“The ultimate infuser for tea enthusiasts features intuitive “scoop-slide-steep” functionality while it reflects the aesthetic of traditional loose tea service. Durable enough for industrial use, it has no breakable mechanisms and is constructed entirely of 304L stainless steel with holes small enough to infuse the finest of teas. The innovative design provides optimum flow for perfect steeping and incorporates a fill-line. The Teastick fits nicely into glasses and mugs and is ideal for a 10-14 oz perfect cup of tea.”


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