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Plywood Void Stool

This isn’t new, but it remains a stand-out piece in the seating/side table category. Designed by Ron Gilad in 2003, this stool/end table is quite the thing to have in your home. Leave the space empty and enjoy the inside/outside silhouette or use it for storage- it looks fantastic with stuffed with books.

Purchase Information:

Price: $425.00
Available from: Elemental

Droog Optic Glasses

Here’s another item from long ago that’s worth remembering the next time your drinking glasses need a reboot. Droog’s Optic Glasses have both concave and convex lenses and create an optical fun house in your hand. Also, the knobby surface is rather comfortable to hold, as your hand has a better grip.


Purchase Information:

Price: $51.75
Available from: Molecule

Stuff Rubber Bag

We posted this years and years ago (c.2007), and it’s still one of my favorite reusable bags. Designed by Sylvain Willenz, each Stuff bag is made out of 100% natural rubber latex- that means it’s stretchable and washable. It could be your everyday extra bag, perfect for stashing (or stuffing) extra things/purchases instead of using those oh-so-icky plastic shopping bags.

Purchase Information:

Price: €19.50
Available from: Sylvain Willenz

One Year of White Pages

Who doesn’t love a blank page to write upon? Give yourself or someone you like/love a year of pages to record whatever they want. Each journal has 80 pages and a hole punch through its side to mark the different months. At $39 for the year, that’s not a bad deal.

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.00
Available from: Nava Design

Nusskubus Modern Nutcracker

Remember this? Also called the Cubist Nutcracker by some, this nutcracker by Adam and Harborth does the job in a straightforward way. Place a nut in an appropriately sized indention in the larger cube, take the other smooth cube and place it on top of the nut and then give it a good whack. Voilá, the nut is cracked.

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.99
Available from: Nova68

Timor Calendar by Enzo Mari

Designed in 1967, this particular perpetual calendar isn’t going anywhere; it’s in MoMA’s collection, if that gives you any clue to its staying power. Easy to use and easy to see, just flip the lithographed PVC cards to show the day of the week, date, and month.

Purchase Information:

Price: $225.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Triangle hanger

When an ordinary hanger just won’t do, you can always spring for the very stylish and minimal Triangle Hanger. Designed by Christine Nogtev and Chul Cheong of Berlin based design studio Roomsafari, each hanger is made from silver aluminum or powder-coated black aluminum, and will hold your very fashionable coats and clothes without distraction.


Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Available from: Ode to Things

Two Tops Series by Marcel Wanders

While not new, the Two Tops Table by Marcel Wanders recently found pride of place on my list of dining table options for a young family. The ‘Two Tops’ has an option to use laptops or coloring books at each end, thanks to a hinged end section that flips up to access the space. To hide the workspace, flip down the lid and you have a clean tabletop for dinnertime, no clearing necessary. It’s a clever solution to make the dining area tidy each evening and allows a kitchen or dining room to serve several functions.

Purchase Information:

Price: $5133.00
Available from: Hive

Libri Shelving

The Libri Shelving isn’t a new item, but its versatility still stands out. Lean one against a wall for a solitary statement, combine several together to make a bigger unit, or combine two back to back for a free standing room divider option. Available in black or white.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,150.00
Available from: Huset

IVY Coat Hooks

Who doesn’t need these modular IVY hooks from Lerival? Sold as a pack of 16, each ‘Y’ shape can be combined in multiple ways to create an interesting wall sculpture that serves as an excellent spot for hats, coats, umbrellas, etc. Entryway or kids’ rooms, you’ll have fun with deciding just what shape your installation will take.

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00
Available from: Lerival

Smith Storage Cart

Yes, we posted this years ago (2008!), but this multipurpose unit is still pretty impressive. It serves as a detachable file cabinet, a stool, a rolling cart and, in multiples, even stackable shelves. It’s also recyclable once the plastic wheels are removed, though for the price, you’d be better off selling it to a fellow design aficionado.

Purchase Information:

Price: $690.00
Available from: Surrounding

Rubber X-Bands

Time for an update. We posted these years ago, and they’ve not disappeared from our wishlists, though they have slightly changed in terms of pricing and available retailers. These Rubber X-Bands would come in handy for all sorts of office related papers and miscellany, or, better yet, for keeping a small gift box sealed as shown. Each box has an assortment of four sizes and colors, 16 rubberbands in total.

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.00
Available from: MoMA Store

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