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Confetti System Pinatas

These are pretty fantastic and festive.–although if I paid $135 for a piรฑata I wouldn’t want anyone to destroy it with a stick. These might be nice for a birthday or the upcoming holidays as decor.

Purchase Information:

Price: $135.00
Availability: Buy Confetti System Pinatas here

Helvetica/Avant Garde Necklaces

These typeface necklaces remind me a little of these, obviously due to the same material and construction method. These are super cute and would be a nice gift for your favorite graphic designer friend for the upcoming holidays.

I’m way into Avant Garde and Herb Lubalin and his collaboration with Ralph Ginzburg, Avant Garde Magazine, for which the font was created.

Buy it here: Helvetica Necklace

Buy it here: Avant Garde Necklace

Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Availability: Buy Helvetica/Avant Garde Necklaces here

Waterproof Wide Sink

Wow, if you’re planning a bath remodel or working on one currently, have I got a deal for you. This awesome sink is 50% off at DWR. I love this sink and it hurts me that it would be perfect for my dream house but not so much my current house or else I’d snap this up in a second.

This sink is intended for wall mounted faucets, and it includes counterspace to the right of the sink. Oh man. I love it. I may just get one.

Purchase Information:

Price: $575.00
Availability: Buy Waterproof Wide Sink here

Danish Dining Table

Usually dining tables are expensive–there’s a reason for this. Usually they’re made of solid wood to deal with wet objects such as spills and drink condensation. This little table isn’t too expensive, but the table top is a veneer which may not hold up over time. However, if you don’t exactly have the cash to drop on a more expensive model, this one may just do the trick and you could always have it re-veneered if necessary or even replace the whole table top with a solid wood top.

67.5 x 31.5 x 29.5 (W x D x H”)

Note: We’ve posted this table before (see Fresno Table, $1299.00) but this one is less expensive.

Purchase Information:

Price: $909.30
Availability: Buy Danish Dining Table here

One Storage by Piero Lissoni for Kartell

Here’s another module storage system, this time by Piero Lissoni for Kartell. It’s made from a sturdy steel frame and acrylic resin doors, walls and floors, and will stand the test of time next to a cheaper version not made with the same materials.

I think something like this would look amazing in the kitchen.

Each unit is available with or without doors, and the base unit is available with either feet or wheels. The number of possible combinations is endless!

Purchase Information:

Price: $470.00 and up.
Availability: Buy One Storage by Piero Lissoni for Kartell here



Constructed of 1/4” thick aluminum plate and 20 gauge steel, Salsbury recessed mounted mail drops feature a spring-loaded mail flap and an adjustable mail flap stop. Mail drops also feature a durable powder coated finish available in five (5) contemporary colors. Mail drops are ideal for collecting documents and small packages and may be used for U.S.P.S. residential door mail delivery.

Purchase Information:

Price: $89.50
Availability: Buy MAIL DROP ALUMINUM FINISH here

Tumbleweed from Ponoko

Comes in 30 identical pieces. Each piece locks together as shown in the pictures and are pre bent for easy assembly over top an existing lamp or on its own. Simply lock 3 pieces together and keep repeating until you make 4 groups of 3 locking together and a pentagon forms. Then simply lock the two ends together with an additional piece to complete the pentagon and keep repeating until a sphere forms.

Lamp is 13 inches in diameter. Use of fluorescent light bulbs are recommended or very low watt light bulbs.

Purchase Information:

Price: $277.00
Availability: Buy Tumbleweed from Ponoko here

modern twist

Glass House, London

I remember seeing an exterior photo of this home a few months ago with no details or link to further information. But today, while day dreaming about London real estate, I stumbled upon the real estate listing! For a mere ยฃ1,295,000, this could be yours!

The Glass House (also known as the “Sliver House” was built between two Victorian buildings by Boyarsky Murphy Architects and is just 3 meters wide (less than 10 feet).

More information:

View Glass House, London here

Toto sink

More information:

View Toto sink here

Source: Via

New Favorite Website: The Selby

The Selby features portraits of notable personalities in their homes as photographed by Todd Selby. All the homes are pretty interesting. The home of paola kudacki and james penfold is pretty fantastic.

Secure Mailbox options for gates

If your mailbox is on the street away from your house and it’s either standalone or wall mounted, one sure fire way to prevent identity theft is to protect your mail. For homes with exterior fences, any of these wall mounted mailboxes would work, from the inexpensive vertical mailbox slot (bottom middle) all the way up to the $305 mail drop with optional receptacle (lower left).

Other options include the traditional and modern horizontal mail drops which are essentially just holes which fall to the open ground, so you’d need some sort of receptacle to catch and protect the mail. And, for the mother of all options, the $340 Dvault (right).

Purchase Information:

Price: $55
Availability: Buy Secure Mailbox options for gates here


The BlobWall is an interesting alternative to traditionaly building materials. Each “blob” is made of lightweight recyclable plastic and can be mass produced.

Source: Via

Ergo Drink Table (Lobster)

If you’re needing a small side table for cheap, here’s your solution.

A moment of inspired homage to Florence Knoll, doyenne of modern design. Small neo-classic table perches a drink chairside, alarm clock bedside. Brite lobster red wood composite top with matching powdercoated metal base. Four star feet pose in fun scale. And this price is not a misprint. Also in white.


reg. $59.95 $49.95,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.95
Availability: Buy Ergo Drink Table (Lobster) here