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Slow Brew Iced Tea Maker

Slow Brew Iced Tea Maker

Slow brewed tea sounds slightly pretentious, I know, but this little guy makes it look super easy and worth a try. After all, summer is almost here, right? Apparently cold-brewed tea is less bitter and astringent, just like cold-brewed coffee. A double-walled, clear infuser lets you keep an eye on the color while also keeping the tea’s temperature stable. You can even try cold-brewing coffee in it, as the retailer notes.

Hand wash.
Made in China.

Materials: silicone, borosilicate glass, bamboo

Iced Tea Maker: 4.5″ diameter x 9″ H
Glass: 3″ diameter x 5.25″ H; 12 fl. oz. capacity

Slow Brew Iced Tea Maker

Slow Brew Coffee Maker

Available from Uncommon Goods, $49.99.

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