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C2- Climate Control

C2- Climate Control

Herman Miller has a new space aged heating and cooling solution which uses a patented, energy-efficient thermal technology to deliver both heating and cooling from a single, compact unit which consumes 90% less energy than a typical space heater.

“The C2 not only improves your comfort level, it filters the air around you by intercepting particles of dust, pollen and dander as small as five microns.

And, because the C2 is not a space heater, it doesn’t contain any exposed heating coils, chemicals or harmful emissions. No filling with water or recharging is necessary, and the filter is removable for cleaning. The unit will shut itself off after four hours, as an added energy saver. UL listed and plugs into a standard 110v AC. The C2 Climate Control is a fully licensed product of Herman Miller®, Inc.”

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