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Chimney Humidifier

Chimney Humidifier

If the dry air is getting on your nerves, get yourself a humidifier. And, as we’re in the business of selecting well made items that have a pleasing appearance, you should probably take my advice* and buy the Chimney Humidifier designed by Takeshi Ishiguro. The slim profile and tall chimney blend in with a room’s furnishings easier than other large humidifiers, and, using a silent, ultra-sonic system, the mist is emitted at a height that humidifies the whole room instead of one particular area.

*Two years ago I ended up buying one, and so far I’m pleased with its performance.

Tank capacity is .5 gallons with floor coverage of 12′ x 12′.

Overall Height: 43.25″ (Height of Main Unit: 15.75″, Height of Vapor Outlet Pipe: 26.75″)
Diameter: 5.5″
Weight: 4 LBS

Also available from DWR, $200.

Chimney Humidifier

Updated from our archives; originally posted Feb 20, 2014.

Available from Leibal, $200.00.

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