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ANDREA Air Filter

ANDREA Air Filter

Hmm, you might want to consider the new ANDREA as a possible choice for an air filter for your home. It purifies the air by utilizing plants… sounds good, right? (If you have a green thumb, that is.)

Andrea is a revolutionary new air purifier engineered to significantly improve the air filtration capacity of natural plants. This living filter accelerates the removal of harmful VOC’s and toxins through the active infrastructure system of a plant to continuously clean and oxygenate the rooms in your home or office. Andrea naturally purifies air by drawing it in with a whisper quiet fan to propel it through the leaves and root system of a plant, then out through the water and soil filtration and back into the room. Works with any household plant. Ozone free operation. No replaceable filters.

Invented by designer Mathieu Lehanneur with David Edwards.
12.2 x 12.2 x 16.2 inches


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