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Neutra in Europe

How about some Richard Neutra interiors for your Thursday fix? In 2010, Iwaan Baan documented all of Neutra’s houses in Europe built between 1960-1970, specifically focusing on how each space is being used today.

More information:

View Neutra in Europe here

Source: L'Esprit Nouveau

Dark Bookcase Wallpaper

If dark, moody, bookcases are your sort of thing, but you don’t have the budget to drop $10-20k for floor to ceiling shelves, don’t forget about wallpaper. The bookcase series by mineheart works for a focus wall, a nook, or a whole room, but do keep in mind the larger the wall, the more obvious the repeat might be. Done thoughtfully, it’s just the thing to add a little ambience to an otherwise boring area.

Purchase Information:

Price: £70.00
Available from: mineheart

GMG House by Pedro Gadanho

If you lack any bravery when it comes to bold colors in your home, just take a look at the GMG House by Pedro Gadanho. Even if you don’t particularly like the colors chosen, you can see how color plays an important part in defining the space- red for the powder room or light turquoise for the stairs- and how it can add energy and movement to a large space. Plus, just think of how easy it would be to guide visitors to certain places: “The powder room? Sure, just go up the turquoise staircase and look down the hall for the red pod.” To see Pedro Gadanho’s other projects, visit his blog shrapnelcontemporary.


Source: Yatzer

Color Feature Walls

Just when you thought you were over feature walls, a few photos pop up that have you itching to pick up a paintbrush. Here are just a few images that show how color on just one wall (or in a closet) can add depth and interest to a room; maybe have a think about if your home would benefit from a little color jab somewhere?

Marble Wallpaper

What to do when you love the marble look on walls but can’t quite stomach the bill? Marble wallpaper, of course. And, even better, this wallpaper is from Ferm Living’s WallSmart line, which is a non-woven paper that is easier and faster to hang (apply paste to wall and then apply paper).


Purchase Information:

Price: $110.00
Available from: Ferm Living


This remarkable cabin on the Swedish West coast is designed by Torsten Ottesjö. With a keen sense of scale, Ottesjö has thoughtfully laid out distinct areas for food prep, eating, and sleeping in 25 square meters. The thinking behind such a project is explained on Ottesjö’s website, with more photos showing the unique curved construction and building details.


More information:

View HUS-1 here


Paint Pen

This is one of those no-brainer products that probably should have been invented a long time ago. When you finish painting a room, load up the Paint Pen and it will be in reserve for any quick touch-ups in the future.  Great for small apartments and condos where you can’t afford the room to store paint cans. I haven’t seen these in person, but it seems like these could be a great tool for artists as well.

Set of 2, $19.99

Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Availability: Buy Paint Pen here

Source: Incredible Things


If your house facade needs new numbers, be sure to check out these options from Canadian company numbermyhouse*. Best of all, no drilling is required, as they have a super strong peel-and-stick adhesive backing. If you happen to have rockwork or another tricky surface, you’ll need to add some stand-off kits ($5 per letter) to accommodate the unevenness. You can also customize lowercase letters or a special font, just email them for a quote. Pick any size from 6″ to 16″ tall.


Purchase Information:

Price: $18.00
Available from: numbermyhouse

Art Gallery Inspiration

Finding inspiration for a specific project can take up tons of time, especially as it’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. I recently have been rethinking hanging some existing art in a new random way, and just in case you were too, here are some of the images I’ve bookmarked as favorites. (Most of the images we’ve bookmarked via Tumblr have unlisted sources, which is a shame, but luckily some are linked correctly. If you know more info, please comment and/or email us and we’ll add it in.)

Warez Rose Wallpaper

Nice job, Erich Ginder. This floral wallpaper is created from ASCII symbols. From far away, you see a dot-like floral motif; close up, you see a bunch of characters. Handmade in the United States.

Purchase Information:

Price: $140.00
Available from:

IdeaPaint Clear

Whiteboards need not be white. IdeaPaint is a clear paint-on coating that can be applied to any smooth surface for dry erase functionality. The basic kit at $225 covers 50 square feet and includes roller, stir stick, can opener, and wet paint sign. It looks especially good on woodgrain, and would work great in the office or kids’ room.

Purchase Information:

Price: $225.00
Available from: IdeaPaint

Source: The Awesomer

The Shed by Richard Peters Associates

This 800-square-foot sustainable home in Sydney started out as a humble industrial shed. If you always see potential in old buildings, it’ll probably whet your appetite for your own remodel, so be careful.

inLove Custom Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking for a hardwood flooring in a custom color, you’ll be more than happy to see the options from this particular collection. However, have a long hard think about the more adventurous colors, as it would be a very sad thing to have them installed and paid for only to find out that the color is really wrong for the space. For instance, this Blossom Red wouldn’t work everywhere; perhaps err on the side of caution with a more subtle or deeper shade of the color you prefer. Also, ‘custom’ usually means a bit more money out of pocket, so you might even want to get a design pro’s advice before making your selection.

Purchase Information:

Price: $Price on request
Available from: PID Floors

Kitchen Remodel

If you’ve never completed a kitchen remodel, you and I had something in common 7 weeks ago. Fast forward to last week, to my mostly new kitchen (shown above) which sports white shiny cabinets, an almost white Silestone countertop and an off white porcelain backsplash. White, white, white. If you’re curious as to how the project progressed, you’ll find more pictures and commentary below.


The Backyard House

If you’ve not seen Megan Lea’s Backyard House, you’re in for a treat. Intended as an extra space for an office or as a guest room, the 154 square foot house was built in a small corner of her vegetable garden in less than six months using salvaged barn lumber and a salvaged copper roof. Natural plaster walls and a wood stove keep it cozy while a small loft provides extra space for seating. All photos below ©Rise over Run.

More information:

View The Backyard House here

Source: Unconsumption