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‘The Narlai’ Canvas Shower Curtain

‘The Narlai’ Canvas Shower Curtain

While shower curtains are pretty much the worst decorative thing about most bathrooms, if you have to have one, you now have a pretty good alternative to the requisite white. ‘The Narlai’ Canvas Shower Curtain looks like a geometric quilt that you’d put on your bed, and that’s exactly its inspiration. Think of it as a rugged-sail-meets-American-quilt and you’ve got its design aesthetic pegged.

Made in NYC from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton canvas.
Finished with 100% brass grommets.

Made in the USA by the Brooklyn-based studio, Quiet Town.

Dimensions: 70″L x 70″H

The Narlai Canvas Shower Curtain by Quiet Town

Available from TRNK, $198.00.

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