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Hub Ladder by Matt Carr

Hub Ladder by Matt Carr

Yes, this ladder would be great for hanging towels or clothes in the bedroom or bathroom, but it has an extra trick up its sleeve. The solid ash wood portion expands out from the matte-painted steel side so you can adjust it to fit your needs. So, on a day you need a little storage, slide it inwards, and on a day you need a lot, expand it outwards.

-Expandable width lets you hang more on bars and leans proportionally on any wall size
-Solid Ash wood and matte-painted steel and wood easel
-4 bars and 4 notches
-Reversible design
-Light assembly required
-Not designed for climbing

Material: Painted composite wood / natural ashwood
Dimensions: Width: adjustable from 16 to 24”, Height: 60”

Available from Umbra, $100.00.

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