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Hanging Line Collection

Hanging Line Collection

Picking out decent (i.e. modern) bathroom accessories can be a pain, mostly because there’s just not a lot to choose from in an affordable price range. That’s why these silicone bands and hooks by Josh Owen are nice to see- they’re very affordable and fun in an unstuffy, modern way. Use the bands and hooks for towels, newspapers, scrub brushes, etc. There’s also a toilet paper holder (with a magnetic catch) and two silicone gloved mirrors to complete the collection.

Each piece is available in Ferrari Red, Matte Black, or Porcelain White.

Designed by Josh Owen for NYC based company Kontextür.




Hanging Line Towel Holder (3 bands/3 hooks), $35.00
Hanging Line Toilet Paper Holder, $19.00
Hanging Line Hooks (6 per box), $12.00
Magnifying Wall Mirror (6″ dia.), $55.00
Large Wall Mirror (20″ dia.), $200.00

Available from Gessato, $12.00 - 200.00.

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