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Suvé Bath Brushes

Suvé Bath Brushes

Talk about pampering yourself, these Suvé Brushes are so very luxurious with their soft, silky bristles. Made of solid walnut with natural goat hair (ideal for sensitive skin), each brush is built to last for daily use. So, go for it: enjoy a gentle scrub and get clean. One of these may be an ideal gift, so bookmark it for when you’re doing your holiday shopping.

Designer: Suvé
Maker: Mizuho Brush Company

Suvé Bath Brushes
Suvé Body Brush, Long, $150.00

Suvé Bath Brushes
Face Cleansing Brush, $78.00

Updated price and link; originally posted May 2, 2016.

Available from Nalata Nalata, $78.00 - 145.00 .

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