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Sey Hanger

Sey Hanger

This hanger would be a very handy thing to have around. “Sey” means “thing” in Turkish, and this “thing” can hold books, coats, towels, jewelry, etc. Several hung together would hold a whole lot in a relatively small footprint, so it wins points for working in smaller spaces. If you’ve ever been to (or seen pics of) the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, you’ll get why these hooks were inspired by the place, as virtually everything you can think of is hanging out for display. MoMA is selling the Sey Hanger as part of their Destination: Istanbul series, which mean it won’t be available for long.

Made of powder-coated sheet metal.
Maximum capacity of one unit is 25 lbs.

Made in Turkey
Size: 18l x 3.5w x 2.5″h.



Designed by Omer Unal (of the disbanded ünal&böler). You might know him for his Nar Coffee Table and Salkim Hanging Bookshelf.

Image of Omer Unal via Magazine.

Available from MoMA Store, 22.00.


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