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Third Eye Vessel

Third Eye Vessel

I could have sworn we’ve featured the Third Eye Vessel by Chen Chen & Kai Williams before, but apparently I’ve been lusting after it for so long that its image is permanently embedded in my brain. It’s a vessel for holding books and magazines, and it keeps objects stacked at right angles, so you can easily see the spines. You may think it’s ridiculous to pay so much for such a thing, and the opinion that it looks regal and modern and somehow archetypal in its three-legged stance may not sway you into accepting the price tag. However, I’m fast becoming convinced that it may be something worth saving up for… what do you think?

Made to order, please allow for 4 weeks lead time.

Third Eye Vessel
Third Eye Vessel, Large, $1,300.00
Dimensions: 20″x20″x16.5″
Weight: 18

Third Eye Vessels, Small
Third Eye Vessel, Small (for desk use), $440.00
Dimensions: 10″x10″x9″
Weight: 4

Available from Chen Chen & Kai Williams, $440.00 - 1,300.00.

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