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Rope Frames by Dollinger and Fleveau

Rope Frames by Dollinger and Fleveau

Yes, these frames are a little more expensive that what you may be used to, but they’re made of cotton rope (probably by hand). Traditionally used as piping in furniture, the cotton rope is used in a traditional style to playfully mix historical periods. Frame whatever you choose- a picture, a mirror, or leave it empty as a piece of art on its own.

Designer: Dollinger and Fleveau
Materials: cotton rope with metal frame at the back.

Frame 2, $244.00
Dimensions: 35cm (13.78″)

Frame 3, $330.00
Dimensions: 41cm (16″)

Frame 4, $475.00
Dimensions: 74 x 50cm (~30″ x 20″)

Frame 5, $475.00
Dimensions: 71cm dia.(28″)

Available from elemental, 244.00 and up.

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