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Loo Brush by Iris Hantverk

Loo Brush by Iris Hantverk

Ah, let’s talk about the loo (toilet) brush. I recently moved, and the past week I’ve been running around getting all the home necessities for our house, and when I say all, I mean all (our stuff is in transit via sea freight, not to arrive for another two or three weeks, so it’s a start-from-scratch situation). Which brings me to the subject of bathroom accessories. There’s a sad selection on the local suppliers’ shelves. I want more natural materials, not shiny-80s-bachelor-pad crap and definitely not plasticky crud. If it’s on view and not in the cupboard, I want something pleasant to look at. Hell, even if it’s in the cupboard, I want something pleasant to look at.

So, check out this toilet brush. Made from birchwood and soft concrete, it’s a nice little thing to do a rather dirty job, which makes that job just a tiny bit better. While semi-expensive at £35, it’s certainly not crazy expensive like the Vipp Toilet Brush ($200). I certainly regret not buying a couple of these before leaving the UK. Also, I found two other completely decent ones (via Remodelista), but they’re also from the UK. Blargh. See below for links.

Available from Theo, £34.95
Hand-made in Sweden by mainly visually impaired workers: Iris Hantverk.

Other decent loo brushes via Remodelista:
Toilet Brush with Stand by Redecker, £18.25
Toilet Brush and Holder from Labour and Wait, £18.00

Available from Theo, £34.95.


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