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Ibride Trays (round 2)

Ibride Trays (round 2)

Ibride keeps hammering out weirdly amusing trays that have some of us itching to clear some wall space (those of us that ‘collect things’).

As one can see in the collection of trays, which are not only sturdy and beautiful while in use but also become elegant wall dรฉcor statements. Through magical imagery and intricate lattice work, these items simultaneously create a modern and yet nostalgic feeling. Each tray is constructed to last using a century old technique. Created of high pressure laminate each of Ibride’s items are thoroughly functional and lifestyle enhancing at the same time.

Berenice Tray, 25″ L x 18 1/2″ W, $196.00, Buy it here.
Marthe and Madeleine Tray, 24″ L x 9 1/2″ W, $150.00,
Buy it here.
Marius and Martial Tray, 24″ L x 9 1/2″ W, Buy it here.


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