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AYTM Circle Trays

AYTM Circle Trays

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like our country is in pieces today. I’ll avoid any more political commentary, except to say let’s hope to move forward together and heal this huge divide. So, look at these Half Circle and Quarter Circle trays by AYTM. Aren’t they cool? Aren’t they great? They’re food-safe, but would work equally well for desk items. Aubergine, brass, and black combine for a stronger statement, or you can keep them divided for smaller needs and wants; it’s up to you.

Designer: AYTM

'Half circle' tray AYTM
‘Half circle’ tray, $52.00
Length 332mm width 166mm height 19mm

'Quarter circle' tray, black
‘Quarter circle’ tray, black, $41.00
Length 166mm width 166mm height 19mm

'Quarter circle' tray, brass
‘Quarter circle’ tray, brass, $41.00
Length 108mm width 108mm height 19mm

Material: Iron, powder-coated

Available from WallpaperSTORE*, $41.00 - 52.00 .

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