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Fuyuh Bamboo Laminated Ceiling Mobile

Fuyuh Bamboo Laminated Ceiling Mobile

When decorating a room, there are so many opportunites to hang something from the ceiling, which helps bring height to a space. I always love finding great candle globes that hang, or beautiful lamp pendants. Sometimes, though, you need something that is just decoration, something so beautiful it doesn’t need an alternative use; simply something that looks good and will fill a void. Artist’s mobiles are usually the answer, and boy am I fawning over this one.

“Fuyuh was designed by Riki Watanabe in 1975. It is a classic Japanese design crafted by hand in a small Japanese workshop. The quality and details of the laminated bamboo are unsurpassed. Fuyuh is a small work of art, suspended in space.”

Laminated Bamboo
11″ width


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