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Sun Jar by Tobias Wong

Sun Jar by Tobias Wong

I’ve been following the work of Tobias Wong for sometime now. His ever present sense of humor makes for some interesting design ideas…his collaboration with Ju$t Another Rich Kid brought us 24k gold plated Bic pen caps, and McDonalds coffee stirrers “for the man who has absolutely everything.”

I recently discovered the Sun Jar, which isn’t available just yet, but may be something you’ll want to pre-order. At a mere $38, this old-fashioned glass jar contains a solar panel LED light system that will store the days sunlight and illuminate your space at night. It reminds me of catching fireflys as a child. We would poke holes in mason jars and have a little lantern powered by mother nature, that is, of course, until my mother would make me release them.

Sand-blased glass jar, 4″x4″x6″


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