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Fine Little Day Baby Blankets

Fine Little Day Baby Blankets

Soon-to-be parents, relax, and don’t worry about finding the right sort of baby blanket, because Fine Little Day has it covered. Irregular dots (or little mountains) scattered about is just the thing for your little one’s room, and they’re refreshingly gender neutral, meaning that her or his not-quite-developed eyes won’t be drowned in an overwhelmingly pink or blue color scheme. And, if you’re not a parent yet, or don’t plan to be, just quietly spread the word that kids shouldn’t be subjected to this, ever.

You may purchase directly from Fine Little Day, โ‚ฌ 41, or from Huset.

Mountains Blanket, $48.00
Prick Baby Blankets, yellow or brick red, $48.00
Gran Baby Blanket (not pictured), $48.00

Made of super soft 100 % cotton
Size: 70×100 cm (27.6×39.4 inches)

Available from Fine Little Day, $48.00.

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