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Akanbe Folding Basket

Akanbe Folding Basket

A basket that becomes a rug…you can’t say that for all those wicker versions out there, but you can for this little guy. Seems like it would be really handy for toting around a little one’s toys and miscellany; unfold it and it becomes a play surface, fold it back up and it’ll corral everything all over again.

“A cute basket made of felt (polyester 80%, rayon 20%). It has a cute face, but it’s sturdier than it looks! Spread it out and you can use it as a mat/sheet/rug as well. This Akanbe Folding Basket has many uses: arranging magazines, storing children’s toys, shopping, outdoor picnic and much more.”

Package Size: 47cm x 3.8cm x 47cm
Mat/Rug Size (when open): 1050mm x 1000mm x 3mm

Available from Mimoto, AUD125.00.

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