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Wee See DVDs

Wee See DVDs

These dvds are intended for a baby’s developing mind and vision, though if you take a look, you might find your very own self attracted to the black and white animations and accompanying music. Basic shapes move slowly and methodically while maintaining a sense of playfulness that borders between entertainment and meditation, which seems an unlikely sort of mix, but there you go. If you’ve got a little one, it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. You can order directly through Wee See.

Created by Rolyn Barthelman.
Sneak peeks below.

$20 for each dvd or both for $35.

wee see – collection one from Rolyn Barthelman on Vimeo.

wee see – collection two from Rolyn Barthelman on Vimeo.

Available from Wee See, $20.00.

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