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Kid O Beach Tools

Kid O Beach Tools

If I say ‘beach’ and you say ‘sandcastles!’ then you probably need to investigate these tools by Kid O. Yes, they’re for kids, but you can use them too. You and your little ones can shovel, sift, and rake using the Triplet Toy Shovel and Rake (pictured above/below), or dig and sift using the Scoppi Toy Shovel. There’s also the Ballo Toy Water Bucket with a spherical shape for easier transport from sea to sandcastle.

Materials: polyethylene / rubber

Triplet Toy Shovel and Rake, $10.00
Scoppi Toy Shovel, $30.00
Ballo Toy Water Bucket, $20.00

Available from Dwell Store, 10.00 - 30.00.

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