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Concrete Bowls for BETONIU by Stephan Schulz

Concrete Bowls for BETONIU by Stephan Schulz

I came across the portfolio site of Stephan Schulz today and these concrete bowls made me do a double take.

They reflect the light just like polished natural stone, they feel comfortable and smooth cradled in your hands. The lips of the bowls – only a few millimeters thick – show that concrete is a material that can be used for the finest work, at the same time demonstrating where its limits lie; here, it has been taken to its limit.

Setting a minimalist accent, this set of four hand-made bowls presents an apparently everyday material in a new context. The bowls have a mobile quality; playing with the usual cliché of the hard rigidity and weight of concrete; they can rock back and forth, while drawing their stability from the increasing wall thickness towards the base.

Concrete Bowls by Stephan Schulz

Available from Betoniu, €29.00 and up.

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