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Book Couch

Book Couch

Here’s another guessing game for you- what do you think this is? The jig is up if you can read, as you’ve seen the title, but drag the image off onto your desktop and now you have an amusing game to play with a coworker to pass the time. Note: if your coworker has any sort of deductive reasoning, he or she might get it straight away, thus ruining hours of fun.

It’s a book couch. Or, as some of would say, with our noses in the air, a book sofa, dear. Perfect for your office, workspace, or library.

Book Couch

โ€œI am a book fanatic. I am fascinated not only by the contents, but also by the haptic aspects, the weight and the peace that books radiate. Always, I thought it a pity that one can look only at the cover and not the insides. Then, for my exhibition in the museum for design in Zurich, I sketched a book couch ยฌโ€“ from one single piece of aluminium sheet metal: lasered, tilted, anodised. An idea which comes from observation of everyday life.โ€ย

Designed by Alfredo Hรคberli
L 40 x W 14 x H 15 cm / aluminium, anodised blue

Available from leibal, 80.00.

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