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# 1, #2, and #3 trays by west chin

# 1, #2, and #3 trays by west chin

I sure do like the look of these trays…they could be used anywhere- kitchen, bath, office, etc…(a bit above my budget, but maybe they’re within yours.)

“these trays may seem austere and sterile. but that’s their beauty. they were designed without unnecessary adornment so that they can fit into anyone’s life and character. the designer even kept their names as anonymous as possible for this reason. these trays are perfect as wedding or housewarming gifts or for anyone undergoing a change in their lives; they’ll take on and reflect the new personalities of their new owners.

made of corian, a durable, versatile and easy-to-clean material. corian gives the trays a cool, smooth surface that’s resistant to burns, scratches, mildew and mold. they’re perfect for the kitchen, at the table or anywhere else in your home.”

#1 tray,1’ 2”l x 5”w x 1.5”h

#2 tray,1’ 2”l x 5”w x 1.5”h smaller niche: .75″ deep

#3 tray,1’ 2”l x 5”w x 1.5”h

slide (fits any of the trays)


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