Trunk and Stump by Kalon Studios


How in the world has this bench and stool not been featured on our site before? Color me surprised. The price point seems rather reasonable, not to mention the smaller Stump Stool is an absolute steal at $85. Both pieces are raw and unfinished and are cut from the green wood of a tree trunk, so you’ll see the surface split as it ages and dries. Made from FSC Certified domestic Maple or Ash, sanded to a smooth finish.

Stump Stool, $85.00

Trunk by Kalon Studios
Trunk Bench:
Small 8.5″H, 26″L, 8.5″D, $145.00
Large 14″H, 42″L, 14″D, $995.00

Stump by Kalon Studios

Stump by Kalon Studios

Available from Kalon Studios, $145.00.


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