Aalto Stacking Three-Legged Stool 60


I think it’s often easy to forget that something as simple as the Aalto stool is well within a meager modernist’s budget*. So, for this week’s design classic, consider the stacking stool by Alvar Aalto as an option for extra seating. Designed in 1932-33, the stool is made from solid birch veneer and features a bent L-shaped leg that allows it to be stacked to save space.

Available in natural wood grain or with a white, red, or black laminate top ($275).

Aalto Stacking Three-Legged Stool 60

*Also, if $260 is still a bit too steep for your wallet, Anna of Door Sixteen upgraded IKEA’s $12.99 Frosta Stool into looking like Aalto’s version by repositioning the legs and painting the top. Super easy.



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