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AÃRK Collective Classic Watch

AÃRK Collective Classic Watch

Newsflash! Wristwatches still exist. Some people use them to tell the time instead of checking their smartphones, if you can believe it. AÃRK Collective has a tempting collection of minimally designed watches in a few spectacular color choices (four, to be exact), and there’s no doubt they’ll have some of us rethinking our time telling habits.

AARK Collective Classic Watch unisex

AARK Collective Classic Watch colors

“The Classic’s outer shell is made from the most durable PU plastic, while an internal stainless steel case protects the precise Japanese Quartz movement from water damage and the shock of hard knocks. On top of custom-moulded parts that are exclusive to ÃARK, its unique look comes courtesy of an independent second hand, while matte satin finishing on both the case and the band makes the Classic soft to the touch and really comfortable to wear. The only complicated thing about this unisex watch? Deciding which of the six colours will suit your taste, mood or outfit.”

AÃRK Collective

Available from AÃRK Collective, AUD139.00.

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