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USB keys

Gigs 2 Go USB Flash Drive

MoMA Store + Kickstarter = empty wallet. MoMA is showcasing a few select projects, one of which is the Gigs 2 Go USB Flash Drive. The palm-sized collection is comprised of four tear-away thumb drives (8 gigabytes each) made from recycled paper pulp. So, when you need to transfer files quick and easy, and don’t want to mess with cloud storage, you’ll have a flash drive on hand. Write a quick note of contents, then pass along to your friends, family, or coworkers.

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Lacie Petitekey

Lacie shrinks down its already very portable iamakey usb drive to make the PetiteKey. Measuring a mere 1.5″ in height, it’s waterproof, scratch-resistant and has AES 256-bit encryption. Available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities.

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.99
Available from: Lacie

Source: The Awesomer

Xtreme All-Terrain USB Key

Are you constantly finding yourself in extreme situations? As in, crazy places where you would need your data protected from 10-ton truck wheels and temperatures as high as 392 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -50 Celsius? Besides finding a new job, you need to consider this USB flash drive by LaCie and Constance Guisset. The impenetrable 2mm casing and wear-resistant, water-resistant screw threads (with rubber O-ring) will protect the USB 2.0 interface against all manner of extreme conditions.

Purchase Information:

Price: $56.00
Available from: A+R Store


This new little gadget allows secure remote access to your entire hard drive. How so, you ask? Well, it doesn’t actually store data, it just gives you a secure connection between two computers. Intriguing, isn’t it, especially considering the interest in cloud storage and whatnot… You’d need the physical iTwin with you to access your data, and there’s an option to require a password, of course. And, if you should lose it, no worries, you can remotely disable it. Take a look at the video below and iTwin for additional info.


Purchase Information:

Price: $99.00
Available from: iTwin

USB Film Roll

Yes, you can get a 4GB USB drive for under $10 nowadays. You probably have several already, and maybe even aren’t sure what’s on which one… or maybe that’s just me. So even though you’d be paying a premium for a USB drive in a repurposed film canister, you know you won’t forget which drive your photos are kept.

4GB (up to ~1000 photos)


Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Availability: Buy USB Film Roll here

Source: [BB-Blog]

Lacie Moskeyto USB Drive

Lacie has tackled the design of the portable USB drive in quite a few ways over the years — some mimicking currency, some resembling actual keys, and some even indestructible. The Moskeyto, one of their latest designs pares down the USB drive to, well, really just the USB port. I don’t think anyone really has been complaining about oversized thumb drives but if you’re into super miniature form factors this should do the trick.  Available in 2, 4, 8, and 16 GB capacities in black. White is only available in 2 GB.


Purchase Information:

Price: $14.99
Availability: Buy Lacie Moskeyto USB Drive here

Source: Gizmos for Geeks

Mix Tape USB Hub

Triple your USB port-age with this casette-shaped USB hub from Urban Outfitter’s, a den of cool for city slickers and country bumpkins alike.

Available in black and white
4 foot USB cable
Mac and PC compatible
4 x 0.5 x 2.5 inches

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00
Available from: Urban Outfitter's

Lacie USB Flat Cable

This clever design uses a flat ribbon-type cable instead of round wire, enabling you to easily coil it without making a tangled and knotted mess, saving you time, and with that incredible blue color, looking awesome while doing so.

USB A to B (regular to mini) connectors, 4 ft
Comes with 24 adhesive labels to mark cables

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.95
Availability: Buy Lacie USB Flat Cable here

‘I Am A Key’ 8GB USB flash drive

Hmm, is it worth it? Maybe? It looks pretty darn thin and very key-chain compatible.

“It’s shaped like a key, thin like a key, sturdy like a key and goes on our-you guessed it-key chain. It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d imagine (Hi-Speed USB 2.0, works on a Mac and PC, 8GB of storage space, ReadyBoost compatible) but it’s the fact that it’s so thin, so rugged and water and scratch proof, that makes it special! No more worrying whether something might happen to it, done, forget about that, this one is built to last.”

Purchase Information:

Price: £21.99
Availability: Buy ‘I Am A Key’ 8GB USB flash drive here

Flash Drive Band

The easiest way not to lose your flash drive is to wear it, and considering that lanyards are sometimes hard to pull off as ‘cool’, this band/bracelet is a perfect alternative.

never lose your flash drive again!
512mb capacity, usb interface
soft, black silcone band
easy to put on and take off
(6) compatible with windows98 or higher/ mac os 9.0 or higher

$29.95, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.95
Availability: Buy Flash Drive Band here

Folderix 4GB USB Thumb drive

Pretty cute cover for a thumb drive…

Here we have [a thumb drive] by the good guys over at red hot design studio Art Lebedev that looks like a folder icon, but in fact is a 4GB flashdrive for your USB port.

Colors: Blue, Purple, Yellow

$60.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00
Availability: Buy Folderix 4GB USB Thumb drive here

Loop memory drive

Drives are super easy to misplace, but this loop and lanyard one looks like it has that particular problem solved.

Technology comes full circle. A simple geometric shape adds fun and function to this 2Gb USB travel drive. The lanyard and bold shape ensure that it won’t get lost amid your other travel accessories. The sealed plastic shell is durable and easy to clean, and the cleverly-designed shape creates a substantial spot for holding, inserting and removing.

White or Orange.

$59.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.00
Availability: Buy Loop memory drive here

Pico Drive

Since I’m an aspiring minimalist (it’s a struggle), I’ve been trying to implement the paper free lifestyle described in this Lifehacker article. I’ve been scanning in my old paperwork and shredding it and saving everything to my tiny USB key. I’ve been a little paranoid about what would happen if I lost it or it got wet, but I do back it up to two separate harddrives just in case. This particular one is 8 GB (which would be enough to hold a lifetime of data) and it’s shock and water resistant.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.99
Availability: Buy Pico Drive here

Source: Via

Mix tape USB

Here’s a little nostalgia for your modern technology. It’s a USB key that is packaged in an old mix-tape packaging. But enjoy it while you can as the USB key technology will seem antiquated anyday now. They’ll probably come up with some kind of nano-technology brain wave nonsense. Mark my words.

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.00
Availability: Buy Mix tape USB here

Porcelain Memory Stick

“…a 1 GB memory stick in a handmade porcelain case featuring USB 2.0. The Porcelain Memory turns the traditional notion of a memory stick on its head and offers a hand crafted, beautifully glazed piece of technology in a non-tech body, and the presentation really shines when the operating LED starts glowing through the china.”

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Purchase Information:

Price: $125
Availability: Buy Porcelain Memory Stick here