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Sony FES Watch

Sony FES Watch

If you know someone who definitely doesn’t want an AppleWatch, but would still appreciate a wristwatch, take a look at the Sony FES Watch. I’m not saying it’s the coolest thing ever, but it is pretty fun. Using electronic paper, the watch can transform the look of its face and strap with just the touch of a button (24 design variations, by the way). Its digits are activated by your arm movement, otherwise it stays minimally blank. Oh, and if you’re into odd watches, you’ll also want to check out the Reflex LED Slap Watch.

Designer: Fashion Entertainments x TAKT PROJECT

Size: Case: 44mm diam. Band: 1″ w

Battery life that lasts up to two years.
Adjustable bangle.
Made in Japan.

Sony FES Watch

Available from MoMA Store, $300.00.

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