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Secret Decoder Ring

For your secret messages, you’ll need a Secret Decoder Ring. Pass communication on paper, email or text without fear of prying eyes to your spouse/partner/coworker knowing that only they (and other people with the ring) can decode your words. It’s sorta fun, right?

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.00
Available from: Amazon


You know how frustrating it is to be running along a crowded pathway, dodging pedestrians who have little clue you are running super fast (and looking good while doing so, I might add) and about to overtake them? Yeah, you could shout out ‘On your right!’ or ‘On your left!’ every single time, or you could have this Runbell to pleasantly alert those in front of you. Ding ding! Take a look at the video below, or go to Kickstarter to back the project (5 days left).

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Available from: Kickstarter

Geo Ring Holders

Ladies, put your hands up… and gentlemen, let’s not leave you out, because you might just be cool enough to wear man rings (pinky rings do not count). Do you need a ring holder? These almost look like jewelry for your jewelry when all four of these Geo Ring Holders are lined up side by side, and despite being ‘trinket-y’ they’re all relatively safe bets for a small gift idea (for others or yourself). Plus, you always have the option of busting out some ‘Put A Ring On It’ lyrics- and dance moves- when you pick up/put down your rings.

Purchase Information:

Price: $10.00 each
Available from: Umbra

Reminder Rings

Always forgetting to pay the bills or call your mom (or ‘mum’)? These rings will stay on your finger longer than a piece of string, and they spell out exactly what needs doing. They’re made from stretchy silicone, like the various bracelets that some people wear, and the set includes these inscriptions: Take Pills, Call Mum, Buy Gift, Return Book and Pay Bills. (It should be noted that it’s probably best to use these for the purpose in which they’re intended rather than some sort of fashion statement.)

Purchase Information:

Price: CAD19.00
Available from: Up To You

Marmol Radziner Jewelry

Jewelry designed from industrial remnants by famed architecture firm, Marmol Radziner.

“The patina of every piece will evolve over time in response to the wearer and no two finishes will ever start or stay the same.” –Marmol Radziner

Purchase Information:

Price: $90.00
Available from: Marmol Radziner

Littlefly Rings

If you ever wished you could wear your favorite book, your wish has come true. Jeremy May makes jewelry from books, and yes, the results are a literary success. By laminating sheets together and sculpting to achieve the desired shape, he’s created one-of-a-kind pieces that show hints of the texts and images held within. The final piece is cleverly returned to the cavity in the book for presentation or safekeeping. There’s really quite a variety of shapes and sizes, and his site is very worth perusing should you be in the market for appreciation or purchase.

Prices range from 185 to 1050, as each piece is handmade and unique.


More information:

View Littlefly Rings here

Source: Daily Poetics

All Year Rings

What a lovely idea: this range of fold-out paper jewellery is intended for the owner to assemble each month, for all year long. Also, if you don’t want to go the whole year route, you could just go with the Birthday Ring, ยฃ10.00, which is one ring for whichever month you’d like.

The collection consists of twelve ring designs which are laser-cut and engraved from 200g/m2 textured white paper come with engraved recycled brown envelope.

Purchase Information:

Price: ยฃ45.00
Availability: Buy All Year Rings here

Crayon Rings

How fun are these? (Better snap them up before they’re gone…)

packaged in sets of 8 basic crayon colors
designed by Timothy Liles
1 1/8″ x 1″ x 1/2″
Handmade to order, lead time about two weeks.

$50.00, Buy it here.

[via designboom]

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Availability: Buy Crayon Rings here

love ring by chutapat wittaya

I love the design souvenirs series from Design Boom. It’s a great way to get an interesting piece for relatively inexpensively.

Available in high polish silver plated finish and yellowish gold-color finish.

One size only!
Handmade finish, internal diameter slightly different for each ring:
it varies from 16,5 to 17,5 mm

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $69.00
Availability: Buy love ring by chutapat wittaya here

Faceted Jewelry

The faceted surfaces of this wood ring and leather pendant make for interesting accessories. Unfortunately, the key pendant (which is not faceted, but had to be showcased anyway) is out of stock, but maybe if we all email our demands (i.e. requests) for more they’ll replenish their supply.

Embrace & Cherish Rings: $30.00,
Leather Pendant: $100,
Key Pendant: $84.00,

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Available from: Rare Device

Source: Via

Contura Ring (Platinum 10mm)

Whoa. I don’t know if I would pleased or freaked out if someone wanted my profile on their finger, but it’s bound to be impressive no matter what the initial response might be.

“CONTURA, platinum (also available in stainless steel, silver, white and yellow gold) a ring that is made from the profile of the carrier or the presenter. An original in the best sense. You submit a profile photo along with ring size to Fitzsu and we send the information to Germany to be custom made. CONTURA is simple and easy to identify. There is hardly a ring on the market that is more personal, more individual, and more emotional than the CONTURA. Take your loved one’s profile with you everywhere you go- who could want more?”

Prices start at $580. and vary based on material and size.

Purchase Information:

Price: $580
Availability: Buy Contura Ring (Platinum 10mm) here

Round Ring by 22designstudio

Recently DesignBoom was selling some of 22designstudio’s rings, and they sold out in a flash. I was lucky enough to get one, and I’ve got to say I love it.  The rings are made of Stainless and concrete, and the concrete feels surprisingly smooth.

“Drawn freehand by the designer, the circular frame of this ring acts as
the beginning of a dialog between the designer and the person wearing
it. The circular design creates ever-lasting space for communication
and interaction between creator and receiver, designer and customer.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Availability: Buy Round Ring by 22designstudio here

Concrete Rings by 22 design studio, Taiwan

From part of the ever-changing cadre of designs available from Designboom, these concrete rings are a great buy and actually come in wearable sizes.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.00-$43.00
Availability: Buy Concrete Rings by 22 design studio, Taiwan here

Shell & Silver Onyx Ring by Mesi Jilly

At first glance I had a rather negative response to this ring- it’s huge, made from a cowrie shell, a little too luxury-in-excess etc., but after looking at it a while I kind of love it, probably for the same reasons. And, yes, you did read that right, it’s $800.

Faceted onyx nestled in a wreath of silver droplets sits atop natural cowrie shell, hollowed to accommodate ring sizes 6-8. Black.

Whole and half sizes 6-8.

Purchase Information:

Price: $800.00
Availability: Buy Shell & Silver Onyx Ring by Mesi Jilly here

Fingerprint Wedding Bands

For those of you preparing for nuptials, you might find these of interest. These wedding bands are handmade with your/your partners fingerprint, hand-engraved on the inside/outside of the band. A number of styles/materials are available, and all are by commission only (of course).

ladies simple 2.5mm court bands

gents simple court 5mm

Purchase Information:

Price: $440
Availability: Buy Fingerprint Wedding Bands here

Source: Via