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MagLock Sunglasses

Oh, this is such a smart idea, and I hope it starts a trend. The MagLock Sunglasses have magnets embedded into their frame so that they ‘clip’ onto your shirt instead of falling off. No more worrying about losing your shades! No more scratched lenses! Wonderful, right? The magnets also mean you can attach the frames to any magnetic surface (even a thumbtack). Here’s hoping they expand the frame selection soon, but for now there’s two safe styles to pick from. There’s also a fun Origami hard case to store your glasses ($14).

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.00
Available from: Kickstarter

OYOBox Eyewear Organizer

I know, I know, organizing your eyewear is not at the top of your list. However, if you have more than three pairs of good glasses/sunglasses, chances are that you often fumble around with cases and worry about scratches. So, maybe you need an OYOBox; it’s a box just for your eyewear. A glass lid keeps dust out while a leatherette interior has one centered ridge to keep glasses upright and aligned. I’ve seen a sample in person and I’m impressed. And, yes, you guessed it, the boxes aren’t cheap, but your glasses aren’t either, so why not keep them safe in a nice, lacquered box? Maybe put the small one on your holiday wish list?

Purchase Information:

Price: $135.00 - 350.00
Available from: Neiman Marcus

Shwood Sunglasses

Shwood is a designer and manufacturer of wooden framed sunglasses. Each pair is handcrafted in-house at their Portland-based workshop. Currently two styles are available: Canby and Govy, available in Maple, East Indian Rosewood (my favorite) or Zebrawood.ร‚ย  Each pair comes equipped with your choice of imported Carl Zeiss or polarized lenses. All their wood is sourced from authorized sustainably-harvested plantations.

At this point I’m sure you’re expecting some ridiculous prices for all these features, but they start at only $95. Very reasonable considering the quality and craftsmanship you’ll be receiving.

This makes me wants to wear contact lenses again just so I get a pair of these. Maybe I can put in prescription lenses? Hmm….


Purchase Information:

Price: $95.00
Availability: Buy Shwood Sunglasses here

Jon and Lizzie Sunglasses

Wintercheck Factory has just released the Jon and Lizzie sunglasses. Originally found in a second hand store near their workshop in Brooklyn, these old school safety glasses have been modified for everyday use. They’re impact resistant, 99.9% UV Protected, and come with their own plastic custom case.

Several different colors to choose from.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Available from: Wintercheck Factory