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Laptop Sleeves

Leather Tech Envelope

If you’ve got some loved ones on your gifts-to-give list that are extremely hard to shop for, you might want to choose something low key and useful like this tech envelope. The minimal exterior is elegant and restrained while the interior has room for an iPad Mini, cord and cable storage, cards, cash, passports, and travel documents. For an extra special touch, choose to monogram it with the recipient’s initials. Available in blush, navy, or tan.

Purchase Information:

Price: $149.00
Available from: Mark & Graham

Minimalist Zip Folio

This folio beats the pants off of any other folio. It’s made of vegan leather (score!) and has a roomy zippered compartment that perfectly fits a 13″ laptop or iPad. One outside pocket gives you space for other necessities while still keeping its tailored, slim profile. Lack of decoration suits all genders; choose between gray, navy or cream. And, best of all, looking smart with this folio under your arm won’t cost a fortune.

Purchase Information:

Price: $68.00
Available from: Poketo

Minimalist Office Bag

Simple/minimal sleeve/briefcase? Yes/please. This one is pretty skinny, so it will fit your essentials and not weigh you down. Stash all your cords and accessories in the front pocket and keep your laptop/tablet and a few files or notebooks in the main compartment. Who says you can’t be a minimalist? Tell me their name, because I will punch them in the face for you, I promise. Available in black or beige.

Purchase Information:

Price: $94.00
Available from: Poketo

Soffio Macbook Sleeve Backpack

There’s nothing wrong with a little scuffs here and there on a great leather bag, especially when that bag keeps your 15″ MacBook Pro pristine. This Soffio Macbook Sleeve Backpack is made of high quality untreated leather that protects your Macbook, with space for an iPad, a magazine, a moleskine or A4 documents. The front removable pocket perfectly fits a charger, or, more likely the case, just use it to carry all those other smallish things you need upon your personage. The straps may be changed around for use as a briefcase, shoulder bag, or backpack. Remove the straps and pocket altogether and it’s simply a sleeve.

Purchase Information:

Price: โ‚ฌ210.00
Available from: Soffio

Craig Large Carrying Case

Don’t be dissuaded by the size, the Craig Carrying Case is not necessarily a clutch purse, though it could be if you so choose. Japanese stationary brand Delfonics brings us this option for storing a small laptop and a magazine. One large zipper pocket buttons down over an open pocket on the front, in a size that’s handy enough to carry on its own or stash in a larger bag. It would be sort of perfect for travel, don’t you think? One place for the essentials: iPad, passport, eye mask, etc.

Purchase Information:

Price: $70.00
Available from: SHOP Cooper Hewitt

Everlane Leather Laptop Case

If your laptop sleeve is looking tired, perhaps you might consider retiring it in favor of this super minimal laptop/document sleeve from Everlane. A thinly padded interior protects your laptop and the no-nonsense exterior is devoid of any extra trimmings, which means you’ll look every bit the part of the successful [your career choice here]. A zip-top closure that wraps around one edge ensures that you can easily slide your device and other papers in and out with no fuss.

Purchase Information:

Price: $138.00
Available from: Everlane

Leather iPad Sleeve

Still searching for a respectable sleeve for your iPad? Don’t forget about the selection of full-grain leather sleeves from Defy Bags studio in Chicago. Measured and cut by hand, the sleeve’s joints are triple-stitched for added strength. It certainly ticks the ‘rugged sophistication’ box, if that’s the look you prefer.

Purchase Information:

Price: $150.00 - 210.00
Available from: Defy Bags

Ostfold 698 iPad Case

Apologies for featuring yet another iPad case, but this one has the requisite wool and leather materials (plus 698 perforations) to catch the eye. There’s still time to add it to your holiday wishlist, isn’t there? Handcrafted in Silesia, the Ostfold 698 iPad Case is made using German natural Merino wool-felt and premium Italian vegetable tanned leather.

Purchase Information:

Price: ยฃ55.00
Available from: FAO Shop

Charbonize Bag & Sleeves

Simple and utilitarian are two of my favorite adjectives when describing gadget sleeves and bags, so of course this collection by Charbonize gets a spotlight. Using vegetable tanned leather and recycled wool felt, each piece is created by hand in their workshop and follows the aim of “being simple, timeless and functional”. And don’t worry, the wool is anti-piling & water repellent. Now available in the US via HORNE.

Purchase Information:

Price: $265.00
Available from: HORNE

Wool iPad Case

Sure, there’s plenty wool sleeves for gadgets nowadays (Simple iPad Sleeve and Pad Stash Sleeve, to name two), but this one has no seams or extraneous details. Perfect for a purist, I suppose. Check out the colors too- there’s some nice hues to choose from.

Purchase Information:

Price: $95.00
Available from: PLASTICA

Embossed QWERTY Laptop Case

Too bad I have too many laptop sleeves, or else I’d snap this typewriter one up quick. The retailer doesn’t list what material it’s made of, but I’m guessing vinyl/plastic, considering the price (now, a leather version, that’d be sure be something). And, if you’re really liking the typewriter motif, you might also appreciate the Qwerty Washbag, Qwerty Leather Wallet, or the Qwerty A5 Lined Journal, all available from Bloomsbury Store.

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.00
Available from: Blue Ribbon General Store

Simple Ipad Sleeve – Grey Wool Felt from byrd & belle

I received a Kindle for my birthday (thanks M!) and I was thinking I was going to make a little case for it by buying some 2MM felt from Fitzfelt, but at $19 for an 18″ square plus tax and shipping, it’s almost more economical to buy it already made.

Snug fit and simple design; no closures, no snaps, just thick wool felt. Perfect for protecting your ipad while you tote it around in your bag. Sleeve also makes a nice thick pad on which to lay your ipad when using it on a hard surface.

Purchase Information:

Price: $32.00
Available from: byrd & belle

Straight Jacket Sleeve

Hope your holiday weekend went well. Maybe you’re still on holiday? Maybe you aren’t even bothering to check your dear beloved BLTD??… but then you wouldn’t be reading this, would you? To those of you loyal souls that need your design fix, even between Christmas and New Years, don’t fret. We are here, slaving away as usual to bring you the best/strangest/most visually pleasing items available online. We do live to please.

These sleeves by Autum are right up any minimalist’s alley. Leather (domestically tanned) with padded construction makes up a simple sleeve for your iPad or laptop, ensuring protection without adding any ‘look at me’ visual clutter. And, just for fun, check out Autum’s Minion Bike (vavoom!).

Limited Production (First run of 50)
Hand Made โ€“ USA

Purchase Information:

Price: $133.00
Available from: Autum

‘my document’ & ‘my photo’ cases

From our archives (originally published August 26, 2008), for your gift list consideration… to see more, visit our Gift Guide.

Just the thing to keep your laptop and camera safe…

color: yellow (pantone 128)
materials: neoprene case with zipper
each case comes with one random icon badge (arrow, hand or timer)

‘my document’ laptop case
, $30.00 (+$12.00 shipping),
Buy it here.
13.3 inch (L 330mm W 280mm D 25mm)
14.1 inch (L 345mm W 300mm D 25mm)
15.4 inch (L 380mm W 325mm D 25mm)

‘my photo’ camera case
, $22.00 (+$8.00 shipping), Buy it here.

size: L 115mm W 95mm D 18mm

Purchase Information:

Price: $22.00-$42.00
Availability: Buy ‘my document’ & ‘my photo’ cases here

Recycled Billboard Banner Macbook Sleeve

There are some great graphics on these recycled billboard banner Macbook sleeves. My favorites are below, but there are a bunch more to choose from. All sleeves are padded with 6mm/0.25-inch of PE foam on each side and come with a velcro closure.

Shown above: 13″ Macbook Sleeve No. 64


Purchase Information:

Price: $64.00
Available from: NottyPooch on Etsy