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Sony FES Watch

If you know someone who definitely doesn’t want an AppleWatch, but would still appreciate a wristwatch, take a look at the Sony FES Watch. I’m not saying it’s the coolest thing ever, but it is pretty fun. Using electronic paper, the watch can transform the look of its face and strap with just the touch of a button (24 design variations, by the way). Its digits are activated by your arm movement, otherwise it stays minimally blank. Oh, and if you’re into odd watches, you’ll also want to check out the Reflex LED Slap Watch.

Purchase Information:

Price: $300.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Picto Silicone Watch

Remember the Picto Wall Clock? I know you like the simple graphics of its face and hands, but here’s an idea- instead of wearing it Flavor Flav style, why don’t you get the wristwatch version? A monochrome case and band has a rotating watch face that shows the passage of time, and it’s now in MoMA’s permanent collection.

Purchase Information:

Price: $210.00
Available from: Dwell Store

SOND™ Watch

Yes, the SOND Watch by VOID is rather large, but it’s also reassuringly old school. The watch itself secures the nylon band, making it easy to change and adjust. It’s not for everyone, I know, but it is a fun option for a wristwatch, especially considering there’s eight colors of each component (the watch case, the watchband and the silicone fitting loops) so you have the possibility to create over 500 unique color combinations.

Purchase Information:

Price: $95.00
Available from: VOID

Paper Write-On Watch

You can hear it calling out for your scribbles, doodles, and fancy handwriting, can’t you? It feels like paper, but this watch has a polyethylene (plastic) band for durability. Use pencil for erasable notes or ink for more permanent designs, and don’t forget that this could be an excellent gift idea for a friend or family member. As the retailer recommends, it might also be a clever save-the-date or party invite. Sold as a set of three, and is available in three styles: ruled, graph, or plain white.


Purchase Information:

Price: $18.00 for s/3
Available from: Uncommon Goods

Gamma Ray Alternative Watch

Tell time using a binary system- and don’t worry, it’s not complicated. Just pay attention to where the lights are on the face and you’ll have the code cracked. As you can see from the image below, the pattern is circular, and the lights are different sizes, so it won’t take many brain cells to figure out whether it’s 1:20 or 2:35. The square face and stainless steel strap keep things sleek and modern.

Purchase Information:

Price: $200.00
Available from: ahalife

AÃRK Collective Classic Watch

Newsflash! Wristwatches still exist. Some people use them to tell the time instead of checking their smartphones, if you can believe it. AÃRK Collective has a tempting collection of minimally designed watches in a few spectacular color choices (four, to be exact), and there’s no doubt they’ll have some of us rethinking our time telling habits.

Purchase Information:

Price: AUD139.00
Available from: AÃRK Collective

Clomm Watches

Need a new timepiece? These watches from Clomm hit the right note of fashionable function. The clean geometry is nice to see, of course, yet it’s the few choice materials that will give you a few extra style points. Key attributes of each piece include steel case, Swiss made Ronda movement, sapphire crystal lens and Italian leather strap.

Purchase Information:

Price: $450.00 - 490.00
Available from: clomm

Pebble: E-Paper Watch

This Kickstarter project has earned support for good reason- this watch looks very, very promising. With a customizable watch face and useful apps, it meets the needs of our day to day lives all in a sleek package. Incoming calls, emails, messages, bike computer, music control, even a golf rangefinder, you name it, this watch can handle it. Familiar with coding? Set up simple alerts and notifications from if this then that ( or their web-facing RESTful endpoint. Take a look at Pebble Technology’s Kickstarter page for more details.

Purchase Information:

Price: $115.00
Available from: Pebble Technology's Kickstarter page


Use your gadget skills to navigate this watch; you simply tap, touch, pinch and swipe to access the functions. A vibrating alarm alerts the wearer to the time, and can be adjusted by swiping and tapping; see the video below for a quick demo. Recharge the battery via USP port (runs up to two weeks before charge is needed) and hand wash to clean the rubbery surface.

Purchase Information:

Price: $259.00
Available from: A+R Store


Analogue alert anyone? If you tend towards the non-digital, you’ll maybe like this square faced alarm-clock-inspired watch. Instead of chirping or beeping, the alarm creates a vibration on the wrist like a mobile phone.


Purchase Information:

Price: £300.00
Available from: Design Museum Shop

Off-Axis Watch

A closer look at this watch will show that the viewing axis has been rotated 30 degrees, allowing you to read the time without bending your arm or wrist. I bet it would take a little while to get used to it, as we’re all so accustomed to the habit…

Purchase Information:

Price: $175.00
Available from: Areaware

Nava Watch Ora Lattea

Dots replace hands to keep the time, giving this watch a rotational (think solar system) feel. The biggest dot shows the hour while the smallest represents the minutes.

Stainless steel case, leather strap.
Designer: Denis Guidone

Small Ora Lattea Watch, $155.00
Large Ora Lattea Watch, 1.6″ dia., $180.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $155.00
Available from: Fitzsu

E Ink Digital Hour Watch

So, while this watch face is pretty fetching, what is especially notable is that it switches every half hour from white-on-black to black-on-white display. There’s also two modes, one for standard numerical digital and the other for a graphic hour clock. All in all, it might just be the perfect watch if you’re the sort that gets bored easily.

Ion plated stainless steel ergonomic curved case with ultra-thin profile.
materials: ion plated stainless steel, crystal, leather.
designer: phosphor

Purchase Information:

Price: $195.00
Available from: ATYS

Sputnik Watch

This computer-ish LCD display watch is now available for pre-order from Kibardindesign.

Design: Vadim Kibardin

You can pre-oder via email: info(at)

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Availability: Buy Sputnik Watch here

Uniform Wares Watch

Lovely simple watch from Uniform Wares with a 4 year battery life and precision Japanese quartz movement.

Available in 4 different colours.

Purchase Information:

Price: $130.00
Availability: Buy Uniform Wares Watch here