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Plywood Walls

I’ve been seeing a few modern interiors of late choosing plywood instead of drywall as interior room walls. I’m not sure how cost effective it is, especially considering it all depends on the type of grain you choose, but I do have to say I’m liking the warmth and pattern it gives to a room, especially when contrasted with the dark floor as shown on right.

(photo credits: right, Maison Bois Fourneville, really worth taking a look…on left, PS Arkitektur Fjä llhus)

Ames Alley Cottage by Boor Bridges Architects

I’m loving the grey colors and treatments of the Ames Alley Cottage by Boor Bridges Architects. Originally a dance studio, the new space still has an open plan but now has a new face lift.

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Palihouse Hotel

Last night I was at a party in Hollywood and ofcourse, rather than socializing, I was making mental notes of the interior selections. I really liked the casual feel of the place. Probably the most interesting selection was the ‘wallpaper’ above the mantle. From afar, it looked like a flocked, mustard colored wallpaper, but upon closer inspection, the wall was actually cork, and appeared to be hand-stamped with a pattern in silver paint.

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Purchase Information:

Price: $238.98
Availability: Buy Palihouse Hotel here

Villa Berkel

This home has a very Farnsworth House/Mies Van Der Rohe sort of feel to it, with the exterior walls all being glass and with a central core. One difference however, is that in the Farnsworth house, the bathrooms are in the central core, and this fabulous bathroom is out there for everyone to see.

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More information:

View Villa Berkel here

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Bathroom Inspiration at Door 16

If you’ve been following the remodel section, you know that I’m currently remodeling an old home. Due to budget constraints, that means lots of waiting and obsessing on the internet trying to find solutions. Ordinarily, I would know exactly how to do the remodel, but in this case, my home is an old California Craftsman, and I’m not really sure how to honor the old structure while updating it. Basically, I don’t have enough experience with the style to know how to proceed.

One salvation for me has been Door 16. While her home is a Victorian and the styles are somewhat different, some of the updates she is doing would actually work quite well in a Craftsman.

These are some bathrooms she posted late last year for inspiration and I’m thinking these style might work in my home.

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Confusion by Pravdoliub Ivanov

I love when design injects a little humor into your day.

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Home of Sebastien Guardard via the Selby

Here’s the amazing Paris home of Sebastien Guardard. I love how narrow his bathroom is. (Because mine’s only 40″ deep and I’m looking for inspiration!)

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Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of sprucing up my plain brick fireplace in favor of something a little more decorative. Purchasing a wood fireplace surround is a relatively inexpensive solution, and there are several retailers selling various styles and sizes.

I can’t decide if I want to paint it black or white, but this one is certainly striking, especially with the Osbourne and Little wallpaper.

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More information:

View Mantels here

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Bronte Road Residence in Sydney Australia

This kitchen is fantastic. Obviously, the wood floors are nice and the layout is perfection, but I especially love the giant vent hood masquerading as a giant lamp fixture.

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Artware Editions: Wallpaper

It’s entirely overwhelming to absorb just how great these wallpapers are. The prices will make you cry, but man-oh-man, they sure would make a small room look amazing. There’s not enough room to put in each artist’s statement, so please do take a look at the website.

left to right:
Buy it here.

Echo, Wow and Flutter: Sideways, Flopped and Mirrored, 2006 by Fred Tomaselli, $1,250.00 per roll,
Buy it here.
Wood Wall, 2006 by Phoebe Washburn, $1,250.00 per roll, Buy it here.

Wavelength, 2006 by Joni Sternbach, $1,000 per roll, Buy it here.

Within the Sea Below, 2006 by Christopher Daniels, $750.00, Buy it here.

also, take a look at New York Times Headlines (1990-2005), 2006
wallpaper by A.J. Bocchino. Love it.

Beachfront Facelift

I’m flabbergasted by this remodel–I can’t even believe it’s the same structure.
It took 5 years and several hundred thousand dollars to complete. The architect and owners faced an interesting challenge because tearing the property down would have been more economical than the remodel, but it would have meant losing their beach view due to new building regulations.

More information:

View Beachfront Facelift here

Kohler Shower Set

I’ve been looking to add a shower to a half bath in my home and there are some pretty ridiculous options out there. Shower walls, huge rain shower heads, they almost look like bad props from a 50’s sci-fi film. It was actually sort of time consuming to locate some simple fixtures but Kohler has some nicely designed ones.

Showerhead, $186.20.

Valve Trim, $147.00.

Valve, $175.85.

Shower Arm, $22.75.

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Purchase Information:

Price: $186.20.
Availability: Buy Kohler Shower Set here

Vieques Tub

Patricia Urquiola’s Vieques Tub has me wanting to replace my builder’s grade bathtub pronto.

Steel tub, with white finish on the inside and dark grey finish on the outside, can be complemented by a teak shelf and backrest. A contemporary restyling of the old-fashioned bath tub, for a decidedly unconventional environment. cm 170 x 72 x 60h – 66″7/8 x 28″3/8 x 23″5/8h

Email for dealers and pricing.

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More information:

View Vieques Tub here

Andrew Byrom House Numbers

These crimped house numbers are superb.

Numbers is fabricated in small batches from .050 anodized aluminum.
Each letter is hand finished.

$30.00 each + $5 flat-rate postage fee (regardless of quantity)Buy it here.

[via iheartluxe]

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Availability: Buy Andrew Byrom House Numbers here

Brooklyn Brownstone Remodel

I am loving the remodel of this Brooklyn Brownstone. I think I love it so much it hurts. It’s so spacious and white and airy and I love all their books. Sigh.

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