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Ystudio Collection

Ystudio Collection

If you’ve got a weakness for nice pens, pencils and pen cases, then you’re in trouble. Ystudio’s offerings are made of brass and copper and wenge wood, and the various pieces are all beckoning to belong to your collection. Take a look at their Mechanical Pencil and the Rollerball Pen*- each have a satisfying heft in their cool, streamlined brass cases. Either (or both) would be excellent gifts, as the brass has a nice, understated elegance to its matte sheen. Consider adding a Pen Case or the Pen Container to keep your writing implements close at hand.

*Ystudio sent me one of their Rollerball Pens for review: it’s lovely. The packaging is well done- very suitable for a gift- and the pen is now sitting upon my planner. I plan to use it everyday.

Ystudio Ballpoint Pen

Ystudio Pen

Ystudio Collection Pen Container

Ystudio Pen Case

Available from Kohezi, โ‚ฌ62.00 - 105.00.

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